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Zoo Tycoon: marine Mania Cheats because that PC

In-Game Unlocks Unlock various goodies v the provided methods.

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Unlockable Unlockable Rename among your exhibits Cretaceous Corral Win best Dolphin display award Win ideal Sea Lion display award Rename an exibit ""Super Croc"" beat the "Breeding the T-Rex"" scenario - friend must have actually have naval Mania installed, yet the pet is native Dino Digs. win Zoo of the Year compensation place the mermaid statue in one of your naval tanks Rename among your exhibits Xanadu success the Excellence in Artcit Exhibit construction award Win best Orca show award win the shark people scenario success the Aquatic present Park script success the supervisor Zoo scenario select a masculine zookeeper and rename that Jonathan Gilmour ar a Bengal Tiger, a black color Bear, and also a Lion into the exact same exhibit.
Bottlenose Dolphin statue
California Seal Lion statue
Deinosuchuse (Method one)
Deinosuchuse (Method two)
Elephant Seal statue
Hidden Mermaid
Hidden Unicorn
Orca statue
Photo Booth
Show Grandstand 2
Trio statue
Ultimate Zookeeper
Yellow Brick Road

Contributed by: TheTriangleMan, eli0918, ChipmunkMan, jasmith, KennyTag

$10,000 totally free Money

While the game is unpaused, fight the code buttons because that $10,000. Warning: using this cheat will reason your marine tank water to come to be dirty!

result Effect shift+4 ($) because that $10,000

Contributed by: jasmith

Password cheat

To activate the cheat below, rename her guests to among the following:

impact Effect Andrew Binder Adam Levesque Lou Catanzaro man Wheeler Steve Serafino Charlie Peterson Akiyama Hank Howie Mr. Blue Mr. Brown name a male maintenance worker The rock Russell C Zeta Psi or Stinky Mr. Orange Mr. Pink surname a male maintenance worker George W name a male maintain worker Bob V surname a woman tour overview Rosalie Alfred H Mr. White Mr. Blonde
All animal buildings unlocked
All animal care research study programs unlocked
All pet enrichment research study programs unlocked
All animal shelters unlocked
All endangered pets research program unlocked
All exhibit foliage unlocked
All scenarios unlocked
All staff education and learning research programs unlocked
Blues guests/buildings
Brown guests/buildings
Destroys all buildings
Deteriorate fences 100%
Make guest sick
Orange guests/buildings
Pink guests/buildings
Removes every foliage and get a $300 tax rebate
Repairs all broken fences
Sets all tour guide salaries to $0
White birds will attack
White guests/buildings
Yellow guests/buildings

Contributed by: eli0918

employee Name Passwords

Rename the mentioned staff member among the following.

result Effect surname a male maintain worker "Bob V" name a male maintain worker "George W" surname a tour overview "Rosalie" name a scientist "Dr. School" name a scientist "Dr. Frankenstein"
All damaged fences will certainly be fixed.
All the sheet in the zoo will disappear.
All tourguides will occupational for free.
The scientist will certainly run rather of walk.
There will be a 10% possibility an egg will readjust its components when the scientist visits.

Contributed by: Llamaman2

Password cheat - Exhibits

Rename her exhibits to unlock the following:

result Effect Triceratops dual the exhibit donations Increase number of visitors come park Unicorn
Cretaceous Corral

Contributed by: eli0918

uncomfortable the women and children

Name a male guest among the following for the wanted effect.

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impact Effect Boogyman rpro
Make kids Guests Upset
Make Female guests Upset

Contributed by: ChipmunkMan

readjust Pointer color result Effect readjust Pointer color
Press CTRL+C throughout gameplay.

Contributed by: Oedipus facility

Walkthroughs & FAQs

type Name paper Size general FAQs
FAQ/Strategy guide by SWCarter 185K