point of view of light (A Zak Bagans Story)

by RandomHearts82


Angel of irradiate (A Zak Bagans Story)


Zak Bagans/Ghost Adventures story. With Nick Groff having actually left the show, the network decides they want a woman investigator to replace him. Zak Bagans is no happy. He has avoided gaining close to females for over two years, ~ a series of bad exp...

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It was incredible.

"Does that have any meaning...?" i asked softly.

Zak hesitated slightly before responding.

"What happened in Poveglia inspired it...it symbolizes the hit between good and evil," Zak explained.

I to be stunned, however it do perfect sense.

"It's amazing..." ns said, taken far by exactly how something - upon first glance - can look therefore morbid, however once the story behind the tattoo was explained, the wasn't morbid at all.

I watched as Zak traction his shirt earlier over his head and also let it loss down end his back, climate turned to look at me.

"You yes, really think so?" Zak asked.

I smiled slightly and also nodded.

"I do," I claimed softly.

Zak smiled.

"So, what were you doing prior to I interrupted?" Zak asked, glancing around the living room. He i found it a playstation 4 controller on the coffee table. "Playing video clip games?" the added.

"I was earlier, however then ns was walk to catch up on some TV shows," I claimed softly.

"Which show?" Zak asked.

Oh boy.

"'The Vampire Diaries'," I replied softly.

Zak jokingly make an "ick" face.

I couldn't assist but laugh quietly, and tried no to wince.

"Yeah ns know, that doesn't compare to your valuable 'Dracula'," i teased softly.

Zak laughed.

"Damn straight. What game were girlfriend playing?" Zak asked.

"'Tomb Raider'," I replied softly.

I had currently played v the entire game on my Playstation 3, however after ns bought my Playstation 4, ns picked increase the PS4 copy of the game, knowing the graphics would certainly be enhanced.

Yes, ns was that much of a nerd.

"Turn that on," Zak said.

"Are you sure? It's only one player, unless we take transforms or something," ns said.

Zak smiled.

"Either means is fine. I actually haven't played it yet. Ns don't mind watching my cute small gamer girl play," Zak stated with a smile. "Only if we have the right to sit on that! it looks supervisor comfy," Zak added.


I blinked and also looked to what he was motioning at – it to be my supervisor large, adult sized, p bag chair.

I laughed quietly.

"I'm not sure how the 2 of us have the right to sit ~ above it," i replied.

Zak smirked.

"I have an idea," Zak said, walking end to the edge of the room and also pulling the bean bag chair come the centre of the room.

I smiled contempt at his enthusiasm.

"If you say so," ns said, picking up the PS4 controller from the table and also pressing the button that would certainly wake the console from it's standby mode.

I watched together Zak plopped ago onto the bean bag chair, wiggling his hips ago and soon to sink lower into it.

I had actually to try very tough not come laugh.

Once he got himself comfortable, he spread out his legs sufficient that there would certainly be room because that me come sit between them.

Damn girlfriend Bagans...

Zak smiled up at me and held a hand the end to me.

I placed my hand in his and kneeled down till I could turn around and also sit ~ above the bean bag chair, sitting in in between his thighs.

I could feel my confront flushing and was thankful I had my hair down today, that hid my confront from his view.

As i clicked the start switch on the "Tomb Raider" symbol on the screen to boots up the game, I unexpectedly felt Zak's arms around me.

"Don't be silly, your back and neck will gain sore sit forward like that," Zak said.

He climate proceeded to gently pull my body backwards till my back was resting along his torso, and also because he was sitting slightly much more upright, I might rest the ago of mine head ~ above his top chest and shoulder area, there is no it straining mine neck or my watch of the television.

I feeling him lug up one hand and gently sweep my hair ago over my shoulder and also to one side, in addition to the rest of mine hair, so that he might see my face.

"There, much better," Zak stated softly, resting his eight loosely over my stomach.

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I smiled and also enjoyed the moment of simply sitting with him, in his eight again, before beginning up the game.