Most 13-year-olds can't dunk. Yet then again, many 13-year-olds aren't LeBron James's son.

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At the George Hill invitation in Indianapolis this weekend, LeBron James Jr. Delighted fans throughout warmups v a dunk attempt. The threw a lob to himself, however failed to secure the ball. Nevertheless, he got the rim and also revealed some pretty optimal notch athleticism. Overtime recorded the footage.

Last year, LeBron mentioned the posdearteassociazione.orgbility that playing with his child in the NBA. 

"I know I won't be able to play in ~ this level forever," James stated in October. "But to it is in washed and play … i don't know if I have the right to play washed ... However I damn sure would love to stick roughly if my oldest son can have an possibility to play against me. That'd be, that'd it is in the icing on the cake appropriate there."

Here's to hope we view a LeBron vs. LeBron matchup someday.


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