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"Walk far from Love" is a 1975 song tape-recorded by American singer David Ruffin. The million-selling single, produced by valve McCoy and written through Charles Kipps, was number one top top the united state R&B Singles Chart for one main in at an early stage 1976, and crossed over to #9 on the popular music Charts. In Canada, the song peaked in ~ #30."Walk away from Love" was Ruffin"s just number-one R&B hit, and also only one of two height 10 pop hits for Ruffin ~ above the Billboard warm 100, the various other being "My Whole people Ended (The moment You Left Me)", which likewise peaked at #9. The song was his just solo entry into the UK charts, wherein it to be a top ten hit together well, and also peaked at #10 in beforehand 1976. The backing vocals to be performed by the disco group Faith, expect & Charity.more »

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It"s no that ns don"t love you,you know just how much i do. And also it"s no that I"ve uncovered someone to take the ar of you.It"s simply a are afraid that builds in ~ me everytime friend touch my hand.And a dread that shakes my body,that even I don"t understand,so I"m leaving.This time I"m play it smart.I"m gonna walk away from love before love breaks my heart.Oh you"re clenging come me tighter than you ever have before.I don"t recognize it.But I recognize it"s gonna take whatever I"ve acquired to keep walking out the door.But those arms you"ve got roughly me will certainly let me go someday.And I"d rather leave you holding on,than advertise me away,so I"m leaving yes i am.This time I"m play it smart.I"m gonna walk far from love prior to love breaks my heart.

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David Ruffin Davis Eli "David" Ruffin (January 18, 1941 – June 1, 1991) to be an American heart singer and musician most famed for his occupational as one of the command singers the the Temptations native 1964 to 1968 (or the group"s "Classic Five" period as the was later on known). He was the command voice on such famous songs together "My Girl" and also "Ain"t as well Proud come Beg." known for his distinctive raspy and also anguished tenor vocals, Ruffin to be ranked as among the 100 greatest Singers of every Time by Rolling stone magazine in 2008.

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He was inducted into the Rock and also Roll hall of call in 1989 because that his job-related with the Temptations. Fellow Motown recording artist Marvin Gaye when said admiringly the Ruffin that, "I heard in a toughness my own voice lacked." an ext »