Fresh off numerous years the high-profile advertisement exposure through his cheeky Fruit of the loom ads, former country hitmaker Collin Raye has actually revealed the his comeback album will certainly consist totally of songs around underwear. Come hear Raye call it, he had little an option in the matter. "You don"t mess through success" the laughed, referring to the "popularity" of songs like "You Can"t Overlove your Underwear."
"Oh that"ll be on there because that sure, yet that"s just for starters" stated Raye, his cheeks blushing through excitement or embarrassment. "The an initial single will certainly be dubbed "I Love girlfriend in her (Tight soft Drawers)," and it"s a actual slow burner the a love song." The album will additionally include the mid-tempo anthems "Pouchful the Love" and "I hope You dance (In your Underpants)," the ballad "I"d Love to Lace friend Down" and also the rocking "Teenage Waistband."
Raye hopes country radio will offer these songs a chance in spite of their gstring-narrow topic matter. "Almost everyone wears "em, so it"s a global topic. And I important think this is few of the best-written product I"ve laid hands on in years. The thong... Err, song"s the thing" Raye winked, a teardrop gleaming in his eye.

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Although he has struggled to graph in recent years, Raye stated he"d gambling his Jockeys that among his new tunes will certainly "crack" the peak 40. Then he damaged down sobbing, happen our short interview come an abrupt end.
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