See granite domes, desert landscapes and also rare wildlife on this 1,564-mile adventure. On the way stop at two museums, a really clean one and an artsy one.

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Grizzly bear at Jackson Lake in grand Teton national Park. Photo: grant Ordelheide
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From your starting point in California, head to Yosemite national Park wherein you’ll uncover awe-inspiring granite domes and waterfalls, historic hotels, interactive visitor centers and amazing trails. Go online for details on wherein to stay and what to do at

Beyond is Lake Tahoe, the open desert landscape of Nevada, a part of Idaho and Wyoming. In Pocatello, Idaho, avoid by a museum specialized to all points “clean” and press on to Jackson, Wyo., a mix that cowboy culture, glamour and breathtaking scenery. Native there check out by foot or boat the stunning cool Teton national Park, which sit at the doorstep of Jackson, and also then journey north to Yellowstone nationwide Park where geysers and also the ideal wildlife present in the reduced 48 await.

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Start: California

Start from her hometown ~ above the West shore or fly into a California plane such as Fresno, mountain Francisco, or Los Angeles.

Yosemite nationwide Park

Half Dome from Glacier allude in Yosemite national Park. Photo by provide Ordelheide

Hit Yosemite’s legendary trails and scenic overlooks to check out waterfalls, granite domes, and mountain lakes. Read an ext on our sister website at

Hiking under from Glacier suggest on the Panorama trace in Yosemite. Picture by provide Ordelheide

Lowa Demo center in Norden, CaliforniaFor any kind of national park traveler, an excellent footwear is essential. In her travels come or from Yosemite, avoid by Lowa Boot’s demo center in the Clair Tappaan Lodge, in Norden, Calif., in the Lake Tahoe area. At the demo center, everyone can try Lowa boots because that a day for complimentary plus people learn just how wearing the suitable hiking boot have the right to really improve their time on the trail. Read an ext on ours sister website at

Southeast Idaho

Zoo IdahoCourtesy Zoo Idaho

Clean and Green in PocatelloExplore these four stops wherein you’ll watch Stripes and also Shoni, a place committed to clean up, old curious creatures and also a hub of ethnic flavors.

Set Up her RV Camp in IdahoIdaho is Yellowstone’s less crowded next-door neighbor. At Idaho RV Parks and also Campgrounds, enjoy breathtaking scenery and legendary out recreation. Pocatello alone has eight RV campgrounds. Search for much more sites on the website.

Dancers in ~ the Shoshone-Bannock Indian FestivalFort hall Casino/Shoshone-Bannock Hotel

Have a Shoshone-Bannock native ExperienceThe Shoshone-Bannock Casino Hotel uses a spa, a gift shop selling Shoshone-Bannock crafts and a ar to watch her favorite sporting activities team. Right here are seven factors to visit.

Waterfalls along the Greenbelt in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Parks Galore in Idaho FallsStroll or jog along the Snake river on the Greenbelt. Along the way, you’ll pass fishing ponds, waterfalls, overlooks and the Friendship Garden. Then visit a drive-in movie theater, catch a world-class theatre performance, check out a pair that lions and find out whereby all those potatoes you eat come from.

A young visitor experiments with one of Archimedes’s creationsCourtesy artist of Florence International/Museum the Idaho

A dose of culture at the Museum that IdahoCelebrate the work and legacy the Archimedes, a Greek mathematician whose creations revolutionized the old world and also have modern-day applications.

The West next of the Tetons

Drive v Yellowstone Bear civilization in Rexburg. Courtesy photo

Drive through Yellowstone bear WorldAll type of animals—including wolves, elk, deer, mountain goats, bears and bison—roam throughout this the end playground, i m sorry you deserve to see indigenous the comfort of your very own car.

Spud Drive-In Theatre in Driggs Idaho. Nick Cote

Curbside Attractions in Idaho’s Yellowstone-Teton TerritoryFrom TV inventors to source beer floats, you’ll find an excellent Americana in eastern Idaho. Visit the Spud Drive-Inn, Yellowstone bear World, and a summer music scene.

Local color of the Yellowstone-Teton TerritoryThree locals indigenous the west side of the Tetons share your favorite trails, sights and why lock love whereby they live.

Scenic chairlift at cool Targhee Resort. Courtesy photoCourtesy grand Targhee Resort

The West next Story of Teton Valley and also Grand Targhee ResortWith so lot attention on the east side that the Tetons, leave the crowds behind and also experience the height nine points to perform on the Teton’s west side.

Jackson Hole and also Grand Teton national Park

Kayaking ~ above Jackson Lake in approve Teton national Park. Photograph by James Kaiser courtesy the O.A.R.S.Photo by James Kaiser courtesy that O.A.R.S.

Row your watercraft with OARS, Barker-Ewing or grand Teton Lodge Co.Escape the warmth with these kayaking, rafting and boating options in and around grand Teton nationwide Park.

Yellowstone’s sister Park, cool TetonLocated at the heart of the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the Rockefeller Parkway connects cool Teton national Park and Yellowstone.

Three Park Entrances and a SurpriseGrand Teton national Park is shame a bit like her left-hand thumb and also is dotted through three key entrances. A surprised for many visitors is there is no grand Teton enntrance gate station when you head south from Yellowstone into Grand Teton.

GyPSy overview Yellowstone and Grand Teton tour AppDownload the Yellowstone tour application that’s like having a tour overview in her car. GyPSy Guide immediately plays interesting and entertaining commentary together you go.

Jackson hole Aerial TramCourtesy Jackson Hole mountain Resort

6 big Adventures in ~ Jackson Hole mountain ResortRight next to Grand Teton national Park, spend a job on the new Via Ferrata assisted climbing course, riding the tram, tackling the ropes food or biking and hiking downhill.

Town Square inns of Jackson HoleWith 4 Jackson locations and over 400 rooms and also cabins, the town Square inns have more options to satisfy your style and budget than any kind of other area hotelier.Elk country InnAntler InnCowboy town Cabins and also Lodge49er Inn and also Suites

The Mural Dining Room at Jackson Lake LodgePhoto courtesy of cool Teton Lodge Co.

7 finest Places to Eat and also Sleep in grand Teton national ParkIt’s straightforward to gain distracted by the park’s world-class views, however don’t miss these places at cool Teton Lodge and also Jackson Lake to eat and sleep.

Horseback riding in ~ Headwaters Flagg RanchCourtesy cool Teton Lodging Co.

Headwaters Lodge & Cabins at Flagg RanchJust minute from the south Entrance come Yellowstone national Park and the north section of grand Teton nationwide Park, remain at the Headwaters Lodge & Cabins in ~ Flagg Ranch.

3-Day environment-friendly Vacation Itinerary because that Yellowstone and Grand TetonWant advice on how to be a sustainable traveler? We’ve put together principles for a three-day vacation.

End: Yellowstone nationwide Park

Yellowstone’s most famed geyser, Old Faithful in ~ TwilightiStock

Enter the south Entrance to Yellowstone

48 hours in YellowstoneMake the many of your time by visiting several of our favorite spots in the park consisting of wildlife watching, dining at historic lodges and also seeing geysers erupt.

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Top 5 Vistas in Yellowstone nationwide ParkIf you desire to feel on height of the world, over there are 5 views you must see including Artist Point, Lamar Valley, and also the Yellowstone river cutting thru lava spires.