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Hi all. The bicycle I just picked up was running really rough, starving because that gas. Carbs required to it is in cleaned. I confirm the gas tank and also it"s coated in reddish-brown gunk that"s no coming off. I"m pretty certain I"m going to must replace the tank. So with that said, what bikes deserve to I take a tank turn off that will fit mine v NO modification? thanks for her help!


Sorry ... Ns should have actually been more specific...If her bike is a 1100 ...any year 1100 will certainly fit and so on for the other categories...You have the right to do tradition to standard etc however that"s about it
Oh ok. That limits me a great bit, then. Well, at least I have yearly to pick from. I appreciate your assist on this.

It shouldn"t be too difficult to find a instead of tank....the 1100 is probably the most renowned Vstar made.

I"ve found several. It"s a issue of but paying a couple hundred for one. Ns haven"t offered up on the yet, but it"s pretty bad in there...looks favor dried red mud extending EVERY customs of the inside.

I"ll be searching for a tank this winter as I finish up the restoration job on the classic, price iv discovered are about 350 beans, plus paint, I might just have actually all the tins painted. Don"t understand yet...
2001 V-Star 1100 Classic...Vance & Hines, Rejeted.Lubrication detailed By Amsoil...2013 success XCT ....

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