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Culturally, you might not associate Russian through a language that love. It doesn’t have actually the romantic lilt that French or Italian, but that doesn’t typical it isn’t full of ways to express her affection!

What Russian does have is passion, so once you desire to vehemently tell someone you love them, you need them and you can not live there is no them, Russian is the perfect language to execute so in.

So even if it is you’re in love with a Russian-speaker, you’re discovering Russian or you just want an additional language to express yourself in, here are 10 romantic unit volume you deserve to use to aid you speak those native from your heart.

1.  Я тебя люблю

What that means: I love you

How the pronounced: Ya tebya lyublyu

That an extremely important expression the love, the three little words us all want to hear.

2. Люблю тебя всем сердцем, всей душою

What that means: I love you v all my heart, v all my soul

How that pronounced: LyublyU tebyA vsem sErtsem, vsEy dushOyu

If a basic ‘I love you’ isn’t enough, this is what you have to say.

3. Ты такая восхитительная

What that means: You space so heavenly

How that pronounced: : Ti takAya voskhitItel’naya

If you’re emotion romantic, and perhaps a little bit poetic, tell her lover this.

4. Я не могу жить без тебя

What it means: I can not live without you

How that pronounced: Ya ne mogu zhit’ bez tebya

A speak that functions well as soon as you want to convey just just how much you need your other half in her life.

Think you understand a little Russian already? Test your level to see how you do!

5. Я без ума от тебя

What the means: I to be crazy about you

How that pronounced: ya bez uma ot tebya.

For when your like is driving friend crazy!

6. Ты нужна мне / Ты нужен мне

What it means: I require you

How that pronounced: Ty nuzhna mnye / Ty nuzhen mne

If you have to take it a small bit further, you deserve to tell her love that you require them. The first phrase is dearteassociazione.orge be offered by women, the 2nd by men.

Russian no the only language girlfriend would choose to express her love in? shot our app, filled through lovely phrases because that every foreign language relationship!

7. Радость моя

What the means: My joy

How it’s pronounced: RAdost’ moyA

For a pet name, don’t stick to something boring prefer “my love” or “dear.” try “my joy” in Russian!

8. Я влюбилась в тебя с первого взгляда / Я влюбился в тебя с первого взгляда

What the means: I dropped in love through you at very first sight

How the pronounced: ya vlyubilas f tyebyas pyervava fsglyada / ya vlyubilsya f tyebya s pyervava fsglyada

The principle of love at first sight definitely exists in Russian together well. Again, the very first phrase is to be said by women, the second by men.

9. Любимая / Любимый

What it means: My darling / sweetheart

How it’s pronounced: Lyubimaya / Lyubimyy

Another good pet surname for her other fifty percent is mine darling, or mine sweetheart. The an initial is to be provided by women, the second by men.

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10. я хочу быть с тобой всегда

What it means: I desire to be with you forever

How that pronounced: Ya khochu byt’ s toboy vsegda

What’s true love if it’s not eternal? call your better half the you desire to be v them because that eternity.

Russian may not be the simplest language to discover with its Cyrillic alphabet, however it sure is rewarding. Make sure you can express her love, and also everything rather in Russian. Contact us today to discover out about Russian classes near you!