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Bread and also butter. Lennon and also McCartney. Arsenal and WWE.

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Some things went well, and also during the Premier league match against Newcastle on Monday night, the Gunners continued their illustrious tendency to pat the standard wrestling template song.

Arsenal fans room accustomed to listening come the Triple H entrance track on the Emirates sound system, however it was the legend Rob valve Dam of previous ECW who obtained special treatment once the team come out in the 2nd half. Was.

One pan wrote: ‘Big Arsenal fans will certainly play WWE layout songs in the mid-2000s, through players play in the second half. I haven’t heard RVD songs because that years! “

To it is in fair, it’s dangerous!

Defending RVD’s WWE template song, one more tweet: “I think rob Van Dam’s WWE music weapon is really one of the species this week. #ARSNEW #wwe”

This home video game trend come after Arsenal delighted pan by playing kurt Angle’s signature tune throughout a Crystal royal residence match.

The Olympic hero himself later on responded to the news because he made funny of him:’Arsenal using my theme song. All that is absent for COVID is the 30,000 fans space chanting “You Suck.” #YouSuckCovid #itstrue (sic)’

It taken place a few days after Arsenal (well, the head of the song) provided Brodie Lee an emotional compliment a few weeks after ~ the tragic death of WWE and AEW stars.

Details: Arsenal FC

The wrestler (real name john Hoover) passed away on December 26th that a lung trouble unrelated come Covid. His AEW layout sounded half-time as soon as the Gunners collided v Newcastle.

Despite Arsenal’s previous love for Triple H, the game has actually been taped in the past, revealing the it support London’s competitor West Ham.

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He compared the hammer to WWE itself and previously asserted that: ‘West Ham is more than likely the closest come our job, v the passion and also loyalty of our pan base. That is the closest point to our job. “

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Details: WWE pan love Arsenal showing up in kurt Angle’s enntrance gate music during the crystal Palace enhance

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Arsenal go the end to WWE"s legendary Rob valve Dam design template music in half-time

source link Arsenal go the end to WWE"s legendary Rob van Dam layout music in half-time

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