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Would you rather a crocodile assault you or one alligator?Discuss. World who have actually been inquiry this question before at some point in their resides ... You re welcome don"t speak anything.This is the only way the great n00b flood deserve to be stopped.
59 articles huh!!STFU n00B !!!

I have actually not to be asked this before, and I would rather the crocodile strike the alligator
Yeah, why would you not have actually the croc assault the alligator. Either that, or you should go come grammar school.


Crocodiles, particularly saltwater crocodiles, room by natue much an ext aggressive than alligators. So i guess ns would rather get struck by an alligator because it could not desire to kill me.
Originally post by: random Variable
Crocodiles, especially saltwater crocodiles, are by natue much an ext aggressive 보다 alligators. So ns guess i would quite get attacked by one alligator since it could not want to death me.

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"Would you quite a crocodile attack you or one alligator?"Well given the selection between a crocodile attacking me or a crocodile attacking an alligator.........These sure are some nice gator boots.
i"d favor the croc took the end the alligator myself.But next from your dubious grammar, a full grown braided is most likely the many lethal killing device on the world
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