The Wonder Pets have to shrink come the dimension of bees to aid one who is having actually trouble do nectar. Once she has troubles with flying, they try to help her learn. Anyone discovers the worth of practice. The Wonder Pets receive a call from a squirrel who is trapped ~ above a ferris wheel at Coney Island.

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Wonder pet Mother"s Day

Add this episode to your queue to receive much more information about A job Well Done!; conserve the Rhino! and we will certainly let you know when it i do not care available. Season 3 A job Well Done!; conserve the Rhino! top top DIRECTV The pets" residence movie is interrupted as soon as they uncover a baby computer mouse stuck in the projector; the pets take trip to Tanzania to help a infant rhino find a friend. Ming-Ming draws a vibrant story around a Moose stuck in a caboose that"s headed for a cliff! /The Wonder Pets take trip to mountain Everest where, through the assist of a Goat sherpa, they conserve an threatened Baby snow Leopard.


When they cost-free the squirrel indigenous the wheel, they discover that it appears to it is in lost, but is wake up to ask for help. They enjoy the delights that Coney Island as they shot to persuade the squirrel. The Wonder Pets receive a call for rescue native an egg and travel to Yellowstone Park. There, they challenge obstacles such as a naughty prairie dog and a gushing geyser.

As castle cope v the unique difficulties of make the efforts to save an egg, they likewise wonder the whole time just what kind of pet the egg contains. As soon as a infant flamingo is trapped in a muddy pit, the Wonder Pets many fly into a colorig book to conserve him. This colorful people provides an exciting adventure for the Wonder Pets, who face the an obstacle of rescuing the flamingo without being trapped themselves. When Tuck desires of being somewhere various other than the classroom, he end up grounding on a coral reef. Ming-Ming and Linny must endeavor to the Caribbean to save him. It"s a relaxing, clear place, however they do their ideal to save their minds on the job. The Wonder Pets as soon as again travel to the puppet theater, this time come save tiny Red talk Hood.

Wonder pets A project Well Done conserve The Rhinoceros

The large Bad wolf is chasing her, yet she doesn"t think she"s in any type of danger. The wolf acts together if he"s friendly to trick her, while secretly plotting come eat both her and her grandmother.

Journey earlier in time v the Wonder Pets as they relive as soon as they very first met, tackled their very first rescue mission and also learned the prestige of teamwork in the brand-new DVD relax Wonder Pets!: The very first Rescue. The DVD, available exclusively at, attributes seven new-to-DVD adventures including the never-before-seen “Happy mothers Day!” and also “Save the sunlight Bear!”Gavin truly loved this movie. The loves Linny, Tuck, & Ming-Ming!

He loves their funny adventures and I love the lessons that they teach. I love the they believe in manners and helping others. Educational preschool television mirrors are an excellent for distractions when I need a couple of minutes. The Wonder pets are definitely a display that it s okay my complete approval.

Save the sunlight Bear!The Wonder Pets take trip to Bali to conserve a Baby sunlight Bear increase on a statue. But a cheeky Monkey keeps stealing their things.

The team should teach the Monkey not to take things that nothing belong to him, and rescue the sunlight Bear.Save the Mermaid!The Wonder pets fly into a clay diorama to assist a Young Mermaid who wants to it is in a pirate.Save the Visitor’s birthday Party!The Wonder Pets take trip to space to attend the Visitor’s date of birth party. However when Zorky the Intergalactic Party Clown cancels, it’s approximately the Wonder pet to save the party and also entertain the Visitor.A project Well Done!To celebrate their hundredth save, the Wonder Pets watch a special residence movie. However, the movie is interrupted when they discover a Baby computer mouse in the projector! They totally free the Mouse and make your hundred and very first save.Save the Rhino!The Wonder Pets journey to Tanzania to aid a lonely baby Rhino find a friend. Lock encourage the awkward Rhino to do friends with a baby Elephant.The Wonder Pets: The very first Rescue DVD is 97 minutes long and is no rated.You can purchase the Wonder Pets: The an initial Rescue DVD at because that $14.99J. Leigh Designz evaluation Policy: ns was noted with the featured item(s) in ~ no price by the manufacturer and/or the PR agency in order to test the products abilities and also give mine own personal opinions ~ above it.

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