Fueled through passion, creativity and also one man dream.

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Wm Moore Jewelers was founded in 1997 in Greeley Colorado by W. Carl Moore. 22 years later, our mission is tho the same as that was as soon as we first opened our doors:

To administer unique jewelry the exceeds the creativity of our client at a fair price with superior customer service.

To provide creative and beautiful custom designs for that distinct need.

To provide expert jewelry repair, in house, in a timely fashion.


Hand Selected v you in mind.

Wm Moore Jewelers is proud to hand choose every brand and vendor brought into our store.

We emphasis on quality, durability, wearability and also longevity.


Frederic Duclos

Frederic Duclos is an award winning French designer of modern-day sterling silver jewelry. This family members owned design studio was created under the accuse of Karen and also Frederic Duclos in 1984 and is celebrating its 34th anniversary this year.


Mastoloni Pearls

Mastoloni is one of the most trusted and respected pearl-industry veterans; a agency known global for its capability to supply virtually any cultured pearl desired. An innovator through a call for top quality forged over years of experience, Mastoloni has a heritage of which all deserve to be proud.


Luxury Watches

Wearing a deluxe watch allows entry into a civilization of unlimited possibilities.There’s nothing favor a high-end watch to carry together any kind of outfit whether for organization or personal.


Elma Design

Elma Designs uses an assortment of distinct designer look at in various collections and also style settings. You’ll find the ring that your dreams from a large selection of engagement ring semi-mounts ranging from traditional, vintage to modern-day and distinctive collections.

We are skilled, certified and backed v years of experience.


Watch Repair/ Battery


Clasp instead of

Ring Re-finishing

Watch Repair/ Battery


Clasp replacement

Ring Re-finishing

“I"ve been a client of Wm Moore because that over 20 years. I have actually grown with them from the time I remained in school, come finding the perfect engagement ring, to gifts and repairs. I very recommend this Greeley treasure!”

-Cindy S.

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Downtown Greeley

914 ninth Ave - Greeley CO 80631

Directly throughout the street indigenous the Greeley Courthouse front steps in the Coronado Building.