Warm Boot
The process of using the operating system to restart a computer.

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Stand ByTo carry out a warmth boot, click the ____ command in the shut down switch menu.
UserA ____ interface controls exactly how you go into data and also instructions and also how information is displayed on the screen.
Command-line InterfaceIn a ____, the user varieties commands or presses special secrets on the key-board to get in data and instructions.
Graphical User interface (GUI)With a ____, users interact with menus and also visual photos such as buttons and other graphical objects to problem commands.
TaskA(n) ____ is an procedure the processor manages.
SpoolingThe process called ____ sends print work to a buffer rather of sending them instantly to the printer.
QueueMultiple print jobs line up in a ____ within a buffer.
Plug and Play____ way the operating system immediately configures new devices as you install them.
ServerA(n) ____ OS is one operating device that organizes and coordinates how multiple users accessibility and share resources on a network.
Network AdministratorThe human being overseeing network operations, uses the server operating mechanism to include and eliminate users, computers, and also other devices to and also from the network.
User NameA ____ is a unique mix of characters, such as letters of the alphabet or numbers, the identifies one specific user.
PasswordA ____ is a private mix of characters linked with the user name the allows access to particular computer resources.
Stand-aloneA ____ operating system is a finish operating device that functions on a desktop computer computer, a notebook computer, or mobile computer device.
DefragmentTo reorganize a disk.
VirusThe term ____ defines a possibly damaging computer system program the affects, or infects, a computer negatively by changing the way the computer works without the user’s expertise or permission.
Adware____ is a program that display screens an digital advertisement in a banner or pop-up window on net pages, e-mail, or other web services.
Pop-up blockerA regime that screens an online advertisement in a banner or pop-up window on net pages, e-mail, or other web services.
zippedCompressed files sometimes are called ____ files.

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Phishing____ is a scam in i beg your pardon a perpetrator do the efforts to obtain your personal and/or jae won information.
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