I have been trying to play some video clips in .wmv top top Mac, however it seems that the wmv layout can"t it is in accepted, I shot to open up it v QuickTime, it says quick time walk not acknowledge the file. I have actually OS X 10.12

Windows Media video clip (.wmv), a form of compressed video file format, is one of several typical formats obtainable today. The is emerged by Microsoft and commonly offered in a variety of Windows-based players. For simple sharing via the Internet and also Email, WMV records are likewise popular among other platforms various other than Windows. Mac customers will periodically run into content in WMV format they desire to pat WMV on Mac. Unfortunately, the had tools for audio and video clip playback top top the Mac room not able come play .WMV files. Luckily, there room a couple of different ways you can go around watching WMV documents on Mac. This day we take a look in ~ what could be the easiest means to pat WMV videos top top MacOS.

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Method 1: transform WMV right into Mac paper to play WMV ~ above Mac

There space a the majority of programs out there capable of acquiring the task done because that you. Video Converter because that Mac is just such a great record conversion application available for you. The takes advantage of your Mac"s multi-core processor and convert the WMV video file(s) ~ above Mac at a time quickly. It can transform the much more widely offered containers like AVI, MOV, MKV, MP4, MTS etc. As soon as the file(s) converted, your will works them through your QuickTime, iPhones, iPads, iMovie, FCPX and many various other iOS devices and also apps.

The tool includes a group of presets that leveling the process of selecting output settings. If you want to transform WMV documents exclusively for any of the devices detailed in the preset list, simply click on that device.


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Basic Steps

1. Add WMV documents into the program by dragging-n-dropping or clicking "Add File" switch 2. Pick Mac playable paper (mp4, mov, m4v) from "Profile" drop-down food selection as calculation format. 3. Struggle "Convert" button at the bottom the the screen to begin converting WMV.

Method 2: install Flip4Mac component because that QuickTime come play WMV because that Mac

Flip4Mac, the "Windows Media components for QuickTime" is a complimentary collection of QuickTime contents that allows you play Microsoft Silverlight record and WMV record on Mac, either with QuickTime Player or right in her browser.

Download and install Flip4Mac. This Microsoft-designed applications attaches itself to QuickTime. You don"t an alert the application as soon as installed, but when WMV documents are activated, castle play straight through QuickTime, instead of prompting a blog post stating the software program is can not to read the file. Double-click the WMV file. It will now automatically play WMV in Mac QuickTime media player.

<Update! Flip4Mac right now supports just Mac OS X 10.6.8 thru 10.11.6, if you"re to run a higher MacOS, this method could not be because that you.>

Method 3: Install windows Media Player because that Mac come play WMV file

Windows Media Player 9 because that Mac have the right to play both local and streamed WMA and also WMV records on a Mac. It"s totally free of charge.

Download and install windows Media Player for Mac. To see the WMV file, simply launch the media player, choose "File," "Open", pick the WMV record and click "OK" to pack the movie. Click the "Play" button on the bottom that the screen and the video record begins to play.

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<Update! windows Media Player for Mac is no much longer available, and Microsoft actually recommends Flip4mac, i beg your pardon we pointed out in technique 2, on their very own website together a alternate for it. We strongly recommend that you download VLC media player from VideoLAN. It"s one open-source application and complimentary of charge, letting friend play virtually anything on the Mac.>

Download VLC because that Mac here: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-macosx.html

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The 3 techniques list over will offer you good experience at play WMV movies on MacOS. If you prefer to carry the WMV to other Apple products, prefer iPhone, iPad, iMovie, FCP or various other popular devices which can"t assistance WMV format, video clip Converter because that Mac would certainly hand the video conversion well.