featuring AN ALUMINUM ALLOY RECEIVER and a couple of polymer and stampedmetal parts, the design 1400 was part of Winchester s big cost-cuttingdebacle of 1964. Ar & present once provided it as No. 3 in a perform ofthe 50 worst guns ever before made. However, numerous shooters have actually owned and usedModel 1400s to to fill the stewpot and also shoot assorted clay techniques fordecades without any problems. Surely, part of the reason the version 1400 is so regularly viewed asinferior is due to the terrific quality of other Winchester shotguns,which nearly invariably were carefully made the machined steel, finishedwith midnight-dark bluing, and also dressed in well-fitted walnut. Anotherreason indeed is the design 1400"s permanent two-round magazinecapacity. There was no plug that can be removed to rise themagazine capacity. Several iterations that the version 1400 were made in fast succession.After four years of production, an improved action release changed theoriginal, and also the design 1400 got the designation "MKII" in1968. In 1969 WinChokes to be added. After four years the MK II brand wasdropped, but over the years a Skeet great iteration through a 26-inch vent rib, Skeet bore, and also selectskeet-style stock was produced, in addition to a trap Grade v a 30-inchFull-choke vent rib barrel and a Deer Gun through rifle-type sights top top a22-inch barrel. Typical models were accessible in 12,16, and also 20 gauge v 26-, 28-,and 30-inch barrels. All had 2 3/4-inch chambers. Both non-ribbed andventilated rib versions to be available.

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The version 1400 was discontinued in 1981, however a "New Model1400" was brought back in 1989 and also manufactured right into 1994.Improvements included a three-shot magazine. Choose the initial model,variants, consisting of a tradition High Grade, cheese Hunter, and a compactRanger version, were additionally offered. Mechanicals model 1400 shotguns are gas operated v a rotating bolt. Whenfired, gas vents through a port in the bottom of the barrel, out throughtwin holes in the base of a sturdy steel magazine retainer ring brazedto the barrel. This gas is directed right into the optimal forward end of themagazine tube, the forward fifty percent of which serves together a gas piston chamber.The piston is associated through a channel reduced into the height of themagazine tube/piston chamber to the break-up rods that a slide arm. The dualrods extend rearward right into the activity and are linked with the bolt,driving the rearward to eject the empty cartridge. Together the north ejects, a lifter hoists a new cartridge and presentsit come the chamber. Uneven the bolt locks open up on an north magazine,it"s thrown forward by a stout mainspring, chambering the newcartridge. The bolt rotates into battery, all set to fire again. Loading the version 1400 is much the very same as many semiauto shotguns:simply push shotshells against the loading gate situated in the bottomof the action and thumb them forward into the magazine tube. Unlike many semiauto shotguns, though, the bolt catch is located atthe forward end of the loading gate. A deep serrated squarish button,it have to be pressed firmly forward come drop the rearward-locked bolt. The safety and security is a crossbolt affair housed in the former of the triggerguard and painted red about its circumference on the left side toprovide visual indication once the pistol is "hot." Provenance many years ago--and quickly after tying the knot with my livelyBritish bride--I finished up v the 20-gauge version 1400 pictured in aseveral-way gun swap. I instantly presented it come her together a gift tokeep myself out of trouble. Research mirrors that it to be produced among the early 1968 Model1400s, due to the fact that it bears the "MKII" and also the improved actionrelease however lacks the serial letter designation compelled by the GunControl act of 1968. Plus, it has a fixed complete choke rather than theWinChoke tubes introduced in 1969. Although my wife"s design 1400 appeared nearly brand-new, itsometimes double-fed the 2 shotshells in the magazine, depositing oneonto the lifter but spitting the second shell the end the loading gate andonto the ground once the covering in the chamber was fired. We initiallysolved the problem by simply loading one round right into the chamber and oneinto the magazine, Later, while working part-time for a local gunsmith,I take it the shotgun totally apart and also discovered the the former edgeof the magazine cutoff to be worn. I managed to massage the stole intoshape and also finesse the square with a stone, which fixed the issue.
Rangetime Shooters who appreciate the design 1400 keep that it"s oneof the softest-shooting semiautos available. Return the 48-year-oldrubber of my wife"s 20-gauge"s buttpad is virtually crisp withage, the shotgun is still absolutely pleasant to shoot. Wandering acrosssage-covered flats on public land close to my home, I newly shot targetsof opportunity with Browning, Federal, and also Winchester shotshells,ranging from light 7/8-ounce target loads to high-brass 114-ounce fieldloads. The model 1400 devoured them without issue and recoiled ratherpolitely even with the more heavier loads. Ns tested the heavy ar loads against a pattern board, shooting from40 yards, and the Full-choked version 1400 placed the bulk of the pelletsinto a 40-inch circle, grouping 70/30 percent above/below point of aim.That s perfect for hunting fast-flushing pheasants and also trap shooting. The gun"s balance is good, too, and also it shoulders quickly andpoints well. Granted, it"s not a well handfitted, all-steel vintageclassic the will boost in value over time. It"s sort of analmost-forgotten, hardworking shotgun that has actually been affordable from thefirst day it hit dealers" shelves. Buying one this particular day will set youback between $ 175 and also $400, depending on condition and configuration,and it"s no an investment in high finance. Rather, it"s aninvestment in time afield v a soft-shooting, easy-pointing semiautothat expenses less than many pump-actions shotguns. Although it"s rather unknown, the economy-grade WinchesterModel 1400 is a soft-shooting semiauto shotgun that shootersweren"t afraid to job-related hard. The forward end of the newspaper tubefunctions as a piston chamber because that the gas-operated design. As a result,maximum magazine capacity is 2 rounds.MODEL 1400MANUFACTURER WinchesterTYPE Gas-operated autoloaderGAUGE 20 gaugeMAGAZINE volume 2 roundsBARREL 28 in.CHOKE FullOVERALL size 48.5 in.WEIGHT, north 7.06 lbs.STOCK WalnutFINISH Blued barrel and action, lacquer-finished woodLENGTH OF traction 14 in.SIGHTS Brass bead frontTRIGGER 5.19-lb. Traction (as tested)SAFETY Crossbolt

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