I need some advice ~ above a shotgun. In ~ the local gun shop I found a provided Winchester design 1400 semi-automatic 12 gauge. It"s in ver

I require some advice ~ above a shotgun. At the regional gun shop I uncovered a offered Winchester model 1400 semi-automatic 12 gauge. It"s in ver

I require some advice ~ above a shotgun. In ~ the local gun shop I found a supplied Winchester version 1400 semi-automatic 12 gauge. It"s in very great condition except for part scrapes ~ above the stock. The man wants $225 because that it yet I think ns can bring him down to $175. I have actually done part research and also I think they walk for $100- $250. Should I walk for it?

Ah nearly bought one, target it transforms out they have actually some breakage difficulties that are well-known to clever gunsmiths.Gotta barely-used Supernova (action as slick together snot top top a doorknob) because that $250.Totally ergonomic and also reliable.

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Their is a 30% mark-up on provided Guns and a 15% mark-up on new Guns. At $175.00 the a stole that"s a bit much more then 30% off a Fare price would be $190.00-$200.00 +/- walk for It.

I had actually the 1500xtr and also it was o.k. If you can acquire it for about $175 that would certainly be a an excellent price. Not sure about the breakage woof is talk about.

Had a success M1200. Assumed I really had actually something, and also I did!A high dollar tent stake! LOL!Win has some quite shotguns. Unless you"re interested in that specific gun, I"d store shopping.
I"ve supplied my 1400 for around a pair of decades. It is a good/ok gun however not a an excellent gun. It has actually taken its share of pheasants and also rabbits and I gain using it. Ns have had - come my storage - 2 failures come feed/eject issues and I likewise think the is a pain come clean.Around $175 sound fair.But i would prefer to add that it can be far better in the long run to get a gun the is the a greater quality/newer build and that will certainly last you a couple of decades.
Sound a prefer a decent deal. For the price girlfriend won"t obtain hurt to buy that and try it. Friend should have the ability to resell it and get your money earlier pretty conveniently if that doesn"t right you.
If you have the right to wait, I would certainly pass top top this (I never ever cared for this gun)save a few more dollars and also wait for good deal top top what you really want. They pop up once you the very least suspect the and an extremely often ~ the Christmas/New Year season.Keep ears & eyes open and be ready to strike.

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