Will Shue, older brothers of Elisabeth, Andrew and John, died in an accident. They'd always looked as much as him, and also they want to respect him by making a movie.

But the story didn't take form until someone else joined the household -- when Elisabeth married movie housing Davis Guggenheim. Guggenheim directed the Oscar-winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" because that Al Gore.


Carly Schroeder, Andrew Shue, and also Elisabeth Shue, the trio behind "Gracie," a movie loosely based on Elisabeth Shue's teenage years.

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Andrew Shue remembers as soon as Guggenheim shifted the emphasis of the family's story.

"He was the one who really said, 'The genuine underdog in your family is your sister,'" Shue says. "And ns agreed through him, reluctantly. And we started thinking around how we could put this story together that would honor ours brother, and also tell a story around a family members getting over loss."

Growing increase in new Jersey in the so late 1970s, Elisabeth Shue wasn't well-known as one actor. She was recognized as a football player. And not just any kind of soccer player. From ages 9 v 13 she to be the just girl playing in her hometown's year-round football leagues.

"Every time i played, ns knew everyone was city hall me, and also they certainly hit me a small harder. Yet I would always hit castle a little harder back," Shue recalls. "But it was tough. And I think just psychologically, it's hard for girl at a young period to find their sense of self-worth in a very male-dominated world. And sports is yes, really the first place where you can prove yourself as a kid."

"Every time ns played, ns knew everyone was the town hall me. And also they certainly hit me a small harder. But I would always hit them a little harder back."

Shue states she believes her heart was developed on the soccer field and also it provided her a emotional edge together an actor.

"I hated when world would say 'Oh, she's an excellent for a girl.' that drove me crazy. Therefore I had actually to occupational extra tough so the wouldn't happen."

She had actually help.

The entire Shue family is mad around soccer. Their father captained the Harvard football team in the late 1950s. Earliest brother will led the 1978 brand-new Jersey state high institution champions. Andrew played pro soccer, an initial in Africa and also then during the an initial two seasons of the LA Galaxy franchise.

Even together he was play for Los Angeles, Andrew was complying with Elisabeth right into acting through a regular duty on the TV show Melrose Place.

Working with Guggenheim, Andrew came up with the story for the film "Gracie." It's the tale of a brand-new Jersey girl who faces the ns of she older brothers in a auto wreck by do the efforts to success his location on the boys high college soccer team.

Elisabeth and also Andrew developed the movie, and both act in it, too. Davis Guggenheim directed. Andrew Shue jokes it's the many expensive family members movie ever made.


The personality of Gracie bring away both physical and also verbal abuse in her pursuit to victory a clues on the guys high school team in "Gracie."

Elisabeth Shue says they essential the right actor in the title role. Castle looked in ~ 2,000 audition tapes. Yet then they experienced 15-year-old Carly Schroeder, a consistent on the Lizzie Maguire TV show. They automatically knew their find was over.

"What's extraordinary around her is her talent, and also her bravery at permitting herself to reveal her vulnerability, i m sorry is difficult for any type of actress," states Elisabeth Shue. "And for someone as young together Carly to have actually that talent already so young is very, very, very, special."

Vulnerable perhaps, but also an extremely fit. Shroeder had to learn just how to play soccer at a height level.

"I trained with the former captain that the Galaxy Dan Calichman, Monday, Wednesday, Friday," Schroeder says. "We would carry out circuit-training, and also then we would do about three hrs of just working v the ball and just making sure we had some sort of touch with it. And then Tuesdays and also Thursdays we did 6 hours, and we trained with a division I girls soccer team, and also then ~ we would play a game."

Both Schroeder and Elisabeth Shue expect the story will inspire young mrs athletes. Andrew Shue claims the household thinks his late brother would have actually approved, with some reservations.

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"In the story itself, he'd more than likely feel prefer he acquired the raw end of the stick," Shue says, smiling. "Because in actual life he scored the winning goal in the state championship, and in the movie he's lacking the penalty absent which is other that actually I did."

"Gracie" opens nationwide this weekend. Also as she disclosure the film. Elisabeth Shue is working on an additional sports job -- she's currently training to acquire on the pro tennis tour.