Beating a urine medicine test isn’t basic task. And that’s why most world tend to be hesitant at an initial about the idea of including eye drops come urine to fool a test.

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That sounds method too an easy and almost impractical, right?

But adding a few drops the Visine in a to pee sample can indeed assist fool the test by causing a false negative for THC, opiates, and some other drugs.

However, this method is, hand down, risky, and also we’d never advocate for it.

In this article, I’ll be explaining how to usage eye autumn to happen a medicine test and the clinical rationale of how and why that works.

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How Visine helps You come Beat a medicine Test

Before delving depths into just how Visine changes drug check results, it’s essential to note that practically any various other eye drop brand will certainly do.

It’s just that Visine is the most frequently used.

You might get the at any drug store close to you or native Amazon for less than ten bucks.

There space two means through which eye drops job-related to assist you beat a test;

Diluting the medicine metabolitesHiding the THC metabolites to create a false negative

Diluting the drug Metabolites

Using Visine to cheat a urine test requires that you include a few drops directly into the pee sample (it have to never it is in ingested).

As you execute this, you’ll merely be adding more liquid into the sample, thereby bringing the concentration of the medicine metabolites down.

If excellent successfully, this can lower the concentration to below the cut-off level, thereby skewing the results to her favor.

Will this work?

Whether making use of Visine eye drops as a dilution an approach will occupational or not counts on the form of test the you’ll be subjected to.

Whoever mandates you to take it a urinary medicine test might either use basic Home drug Test strips because that the check or send your specimen come the lab.

You’ll be in luck if they’ll be using residence Drug Tests. These tests suggest whether friend are confident or an unfavorable for the drugs the you room tested for.

They don’t suggest the metabolites" concentration level, and neither perform they test because that other important urine materials such together the creatinine level and specific gravity that might be impacted by dilution.

This method that you can easily happen the check if you have diluted the to pee enough.

The other benefit here is that home Drug exam don’t use complex tools.

Therefore, the danger of false positives is highly reduced too.

If the drug testing agency is sending your sample to the lab, using Visine as a dilution technique might not work.

This is due to the fact that the few drops included to the sample will certainly interfere with the concentration the the drug metabolites, but they will also alter the specimen"s temperature.

Even the an easy EMIT tests will detect the little variations in the temperature variety of the to pee in the laboratory.

If the laboratory technicians are encouraged that you’ve intentionally diluted the specimen, the results might come out as FAILED as result of adulteration, or they may be required to perform a GCMS check if they space paid to carry out so.

Hiding the medicine metabolites to develop a false negative

Other 보다 dilution, Visine and other eye drop brands hide the medicine metabolites in urine, in order to making them less easily accessible for detection in tests.

The way Visine works right here is a small bit complex and fascinating in ~ the same time.

It is stated that Benzalkonium chloride, the main active ingredient in Visine, together with the aqueous equipment of the eye drop, creates hydrophobic and also hydrophilic layers whereby they trap the drug metabolites.

This provides them almost invisible during detection, thereby causing a false negative.

Visine Will aid create a False Negative: clinical Evidence.

A lot of studies have been brought out to prove that Visine does help create a false an unfavorable during urine drug tests.

One the the most generally referred functions of literature is Dr. Amitava Dasgupta’s work: A health Educator’s overview to knowledge Drugs of Abuse Testing.

This guide lists Visine as the only over-the-counter drug that deserve to be properly used to invalidate immunoassays when testing for drugs such together marijuana, cocaine, and also opiates, among other drugs.

Referring to a previous research that had been carried out to analysis the effects of Visine eye fall on drug screening and how device involved, Dr. Amitava notes that in short concentrations, Visine reasons a false-negative due to the fact that of its vital active ingredient: benzalkonium chloride.

This study suggests that as soon as several autumn of Visine are included into a urine sample, a section of the marijuana metabolites (THC-COOH) is hidden in the eye drop"s aqueous solvent component. Simultaneously, the other is ‘trapped in the hydrophobic internal of the benzalkonium chloride micelles.

Consequently, there space very couple of metabolites left for detection in antibody-based assays.

However, it’s crucial to note that the use of Visine come falsify urine check results just works v EMIT and also FPIA (Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay) tests.

But the won’t it is in of any aid in a GC/MS test. This study states that in a GC/MS test, the eye drop ingredient won’t have any type of effect or change in the THC metabolites obtainable in a to pee specimen.

This means that you’ll fail the test, specifically if you’ve had an encounter v marijuana in the critical 2-3 weeks.

Fortunately, most labs depend on EMIT test credit for the simplicity about the equipment needed.

They just refer come GC/MS as a confirmatory test after you’ve tested hopeful with an EMIT test.

These findings are evidenced by yet an additional 1989 research experiment whose findings were released on the national Institutes the Health.

This study aimed to analyze just how Visine eye drops lead to a false-negative in urine cannabinoid immunoassay screens.

In this experiment, the researchers added the following drugs to drug-free to pee specimens come a concentration level double the cut-off level that each: 9-carboxy-THC, morphine, oxazepam, secobarbital, amphetamine, benzoylecgonine, and phencyclidine.

Visine was later added into the specimens before being screened for the drugs using EMIT and also GC/MS tests.

The results showed that Visine caused a decrease in the concentration levels of every the drugs.

However, false-negative outcomes were acquired for 9-carboxy-THC only. Also, just EMIT screen tests provided false-negative results for cannabinoids.

This study likewise affirms that Visine did not affect the detection the the 9-carboxy-THC in the pee specimen utilizing the GCMS tests.

These researcher went ahead and wanted to recognize whether the benzalkonium chloride micelles the Visine to be responsible because that the ‘absence’ that the cannabinoids in this tests.

To carry out this, they described ultrafiltration studies where a pee sample through 9-carboxy-THC was applied to a centrifugal filtration system.

In the lack of Visine, the was uncovered out that 60% the the 9-carboxy-THC passed v the membrane.

However, when Visine was added to the sample, only 10% the the drug can get with the membrane.

What walk this mean?

The molar massive of a molecule of 9-carboxy-THC is 344.44 g/mol. Together such, and also as expected, totally free and unassociated 9-carboxy-THC passes openly through a filter membrane v a molecular mass cut-off that 1000 Da.

The reality that the drug"s solubility to reduce by 6 folds once Visine is included only proves the the drug has an association v the Benzalkonium chloride micelles of Visine.

How lot Visine is required to reason false-negative results in a urine drug test?

When trying to beat a urine drug test with any adulterant, understanding the exact amount of adulterant the you need to use is paramount.

The Visine an approach is no exempted.

Most people think it’s important to include as much Visine eye drops into the cup to guarantee a pass.

This is where they acquire it wrong.

The researchers in the study over actually uncovered out that including a the majority of Visine right into the urine did the opposite.

It did no take the concentration level of the medicine to listed below the cut-off.

Check out the table below.

Visine con.


9-carboxy-THC con.



As the results over indicate, 100 milliliters that Visine per liter of pee was required to cut the 9-carboxy-THC to 35ug/L, which is an exceptionally safer level for you.

However, copy the concentration that Visine had actually minimal impact on the concentration that the 9-carboxy-THC in the urine specimen.

The researchers concluded that precisely 100 milliliters the Visine would be required to produce a false an unfavorable in a test where the specimen has actually 100ug/L.

So, considering that many labs accept the utmost 60ml of urine during a test, girlfriend would require to add in 6ml that Visine to thwart the results.

Anything over this start dwindling her odds that beating the test, as the table above proves.

Does adding eye drops to a pee sample aid pass a medicine test today?

Adding eye drops right into a to pee specimen might aid in skirting the outcomes to your favor. There space 2 significant strengths in this method.

First, when included to a to pee sample, Visine just interferes with the pee temperature variety but go not transform the concentration levels of other essential urine components; ph, particular gravity, and creatinine.

Therefore, if you can control to ensure the the Visine is in ~ par v your body temperature before including it in, it can guarantee a sure pass.

The second plus through this an approach is that Visine materials are not detectable by regimen urine verity analysis.

This to reduce the odds of being flagged also further.

Why we don’t introduce it

Albeit promising, we would certainly not introduce you to depend on eye fall if you have to pass the urine test.

This method has a couple of grey locations that make it a risky and difficult venture. First off, remember that the study above was brought out close to 3 years ago.

Although Visine fooled the EMIT assays, these tests have actually been enhanced over time, and it might not work.

Secondly, the eye drops an approach only works with EMIT immunoassays.

This means that if a false positive and also your specimen space forwarded for a GC/MS display for confirmation, the opportunities of beating it are close come zero.

Thirdly, together the study findings above show, come beat a THC drug test making use of Visine, you’ll must be specific on the proportion of Visine included concerning the concentration the THC metabolites in the urine.

Moreover, with the raised attempts come fool pee tests with eye drops, many employers have actually now clarified that anyone who reflects up for a test with Visine in their pockets will be based on an it was observed test.


Passing a urine drug test utilizing Visine might have been viable a couple of decades ago, yet it can not reduced it today.

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