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Chime right in! (no it is registered req"d)-----"Using muriatic mountain in sewage system lines"2007Q. I have actually heard that putting chlorine bleach in sewer lines that are troubled with roots, works. Ns have also heard placing muriatic mountain in these sewer lines works? I have actually such a sewage system line, but before I put any type of muriatic mountain in it, I want to understand if there is a risk in law this? part of my drain line is the old ceramic tile, and component is newer PVC pipe. It would certainly be in a very primitive basement through a primitive floor drain, that could be plugged to save fumes out of the house. Would this be adequate to save fumes from harming people or pet in the house around this basement? I thank you for her help. Ns cannot afford to have the sewer cleaned twice a year and there has to be some way of death the roots, if this is a safe solution it would really assist me. Say thanks to you.Caralyn Sue Zierkeconsumer - fast City, south Dakota^
First of 3 simultaneous responses -- 2007A. Walk to among the huge box stores and also buy a product the is created this and follow the instructions come the letter! It will be effective and also a lot of safer. When the root die, they will certainly still clog the pipes, so friend may have to speak to a skilled or rent a unit and do it yourself and hope the you gain it all.James Watts- Navarre, Florida^Second of 3 simultaneous responses -- 2007A. Muriatic (hydrochloric) mountain would flow like water previous the root. Various other disadvantages room fumes, worse fumes if accidentally an unified with bleach or alkaline drainpipe cleaners, and corrosiveness toward metals and concrete. Shot RootX, i beg your pardon foams to to fill the pipe & adhere to roots. If not accessible locally, can get on eBay.Ken Vlach - Goleta, California

dearteassociazione.org honored Ken because that his plenty of carefullyresearched responses. The passed away might 14, 2015.Rest in peace, Ken. Say thanks to you for your tough workwhich the dearteassociazione.org world continues to advantage from.

^Third of three simultaneous responses -- 2007A. Muriatic acid will probably not be efficient keeping those root at bay, and the fumes from muriatic can be fairly obnoxious. People my be introduce to drain lines which clog with tough water salts, and muriatic does job-related for the problem. I believe the water in her area is fairly hard, probably that"s what"s clogging your lines.
Jeffrey Holmes, CEFSpartanburg, south Carolina^
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