Full-sized mattresses are space-saving and also comfortable as a bed dimension option. Whether your queen bed was as well much, or perhaps just a bit too old, some human being will look to maximize an are in a smaller bedroom through downsizing come a complete size. However, before you commit to a brand-new mattress, you need to ensure the it will fit your bed frame. If that doesn’t, you might be feather at part awkward sleeping.

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Perhaps you have actually a beautiful queen-sized bed frame, however your old queen mattress simply isn’t cut it anymore, perhaps it to be too much you desire to save the bed frame but perhaps downsize on the mattress. This will leave you wondering if the is possible for a complete size mattress come fit a queen-sized frame.

Well, yes, a full size mattress have the right to fit a queen-size frame, however, you might need to usage some imagination to consist of for the slight difference in the sizes. The sizes space not too different, yet just plonking the mattress top top the structure won’t perform the trick. You need to obtain inventive, and we are here to help.

Why size matters

Sometimes dimension doesn’t matter, occasionally size go matter. Size does issue with bed frames and also mattresses. A complete sized bed structure is designed to accommodate a mattress that is 54” by 75” in size. On the various other hand, a queen-sized bed structure is designed to accommodate a mattress that measures 60” by 80”. So, when the size difference is only a few inches, this does matter.

This is due to the fact that a queen headboard and frame will have 6 extra customs of width beyond the border or your full size mattress. So, you will have 3 inch to preventive on either side of her mattress.

The great news is that when you have actually outfitted her bed v your pillows, comforters, a bed skirt, her sheets and maybe a ceiling or two, it will more than likely not it is in all that distinguishable. It i will not ~ look also strange, yet you might still want to make some adjustments, largely if you have a headboard.

In plenty of hotels, plenty of spreads will attribute beds with an oversized headboard that will certainly extend past the mattress, so this is not uncommon, or even all the weird, however it depends on the overall aesthetic of the room, and your personal preference too.

Try adjusting her mattress frame

If you have a steel mattress frame, you deserve to make part adjustments come make your mattress and also bed structure fit with each other a tiny better. Some beds will have actually two metal mattresses support bars top top either dimension that affix to the headboard and also the footboard. Some various other beds will certainly have four sided steel mattress assistance frames that readjust to different widths to support many mattress sizes.

If you have actually a wood headboard and footboard, with two metal mattress support bars climate you should very first check and see if the support bars room adjustable, and if girlfriend can readjust them native 80 inches because that a queen-sized set up come a 75-inch full-size set up. If they space not adjustable, you can actually acquisition full-size mattress support bars from most furniture stores.


To do these adjustments, unscrew the bolts connecting the assistance bars to the head and also footboards and also mark the placing of the brand-new holes because that a full-size bed. You should evenly space these the end from the centers of the headboard and footboard. Girlfriend should additionally drill brand-new holes that space the very same size and also are aligned v the old people in order to properly attach the hardware.

Then location the box spring top top the assistance bars and also put the mattress ~ above top. The distinction may not be as well noticeable, and also the bed must be perfectly comfortable.

Fixing the distinction with 4 sided-metal bed frames that readjust is very straightforward and basic to do in comparison. Simply push the structure inward and lock into place if possible.

You can use brackets

If you want to adjust the brackets of a new bed frame this deserve to be trickier. The in its entirety priority right here is to acquire adequate support from her mattress together you sleep. The ideal way to get support is to get a complete size communication bed framework without a headboard. This is mostly in the instance that you have actually a gorgeous queen-sized headboard you carry out not desire to gain rid of, and also your bed structure needs replacing.

You desire an alternative that will match with her headboard in material and color, if you can’t gain this, think about covering the up with your bedding. Friend will need headboard brackets the you deserve to secure to the new frame. And also then girlfriend will should mount the bigger headboard come the brand-new brackets and also put under your mattress.

It is not overly complex, yet if you have actually a beautiful headboard that doesn’t enhance in size, there is no reason to get rid of it.

What if I have actually a communication bed?

If you have a queen-size platform bed wherein the peak extends out an ext than the side of the framework base, climate there may be enough to cut the excess under for a complete sized bed. Girlfriend should mark 3 inches inward indigenous the sides roughly all edges. Climate you must use a long and also straight heat to connect these.

To reduced this, a circular witnessed is the best bet, reduced away the 3 inches from every sides of the frame, and you can then reinforce the framework with wooden studs and also then wood glue. You can also add a nail timber trim to conceal the reduced edges this way.

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This is most likely the easiest option for getting a full size mattress top top a queen frame. As long as you perform not intend on placing a queen-sized mattress on over there again later on this is a good and simple fix.