An error has actually occurred. Press the eject button, eliminate the video game disk, and also turn off the power to the console. Please read the Wii operations hand-operated for further instructions

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G"day,I"ve had my Wii because that 4+ years and no difficulties to speak of... Though over the past year or for this reason a few of the discs (Mario Kart is one) have actually been "noisy" as soon as the Wii reads them.Today my mam & son bought me "Doctor who - go back to Earth", and also the key outright will certainly not pat - giving the above error every time.Googling, I view the most common report the this error is with the stop Brawl game because of it being double layer... Part say cleaning the drive fixes the problem... Others say the drive has been considered dead. (I additionally saw one cite of homebrew bring about the issue... Ns did instal homebrew via ZeldaTwil, but have due to the fact that removed it and ran number of OS updates there is no issue...)I"ve no idea if the doctor Who game is dual layer or not, but figured I"d give it a clean... ~ trying briefly to track under an main cleaner, I simply opened the Wii up and cleaned the lens manually v a cloth and also iso prop alcohol.No luck. (The Wii does quiet operate, and also does still play my various other discs, so ns didn"t kill it!)I"m going to try get another copy the the game to watch if the is a bowl issue, but there were no scratches etc... So i don"t organize much hope.All the my other 20 odd gamings play - either without any type of odd noises or a couple of with part noise...Anyone recognize what actually causes the above error? Is the drive on the means out? Is that a negative game?cheerscosmic

Well hello there, dearteassociazione.orgter the olden times. =) sorry t" hear "bout her Wii issues.About a year back my own Wii quit readin" all discs and gave me the very same error. In an ext recent time it currently plays every discs yet Brawl. I"ve had homebrew mounted myself, however I"m certain that isn"t the cause. It"s still on the console, no to update to either the Wii"s firmware nor homebrew, native the job I an initial had disc read issues to the present.From my experience, I can tell ya it"s one of two people the disc itself or the drive. If your replacement video game doesn"t work, it"s virtually certainly the drive. I"d imagine your Wii is quite old "n lengthy past it"s warranty as well, so that can be a problem. If her Wii goes the same means I did, this initial difficulties will lead to the journey outright dying. I"ve no clue just how to deal with it since I"ve however to solve my Brawl troubles as well...

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I was in the an extremely same situation as you was in and also I had to replace my Wii for it. The Wii couldn"t read any type of of mine disks and also the video game I had the trouble with many was ""WarioWare Smooth Moves"". When ever before I pack a video game it would freeze and say ""An error has occurred, please remove the disk and restart the wii etc.."". If ns was you, I would certainly either change the Wii or gain it fixed up by Nintendo.