Blue skies in ~ Nelson Nordic Ski Club

Earlybird memberships space now obtainable for the 2021-22 season in ~ Zone4.ca. Get limitless skiing and also snowshoeing in ~ Nelson Nordic Ski club for one short price! rates go up on November 7, 2021.

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Become a member of our not-for-profit culture and our energetic nordic skiing community! her membership fees allow access to our designated ski and snowshoe trails every season long!


Membership Card Pickup

We space planning to offer a couple of different opportunities for friend to choose up your new membership map over the next couple of months. Please remain tuned come our facebook page and also our eNews for more information.

If girlfriend wait until your first ski to pick up her membership card, you re welcome note:

New members

If she a new member, please come to the APEX Kiosk as soon as you arrive because that your an initial ski that the season. Our Apex parking lot of is situated at the base of Whitewater Road, 10 minutes south of Nelson. The kiosk attendant will certainly take your picture out the home window of the kiosk and then print you a card, i beg your pardon you will retain because that this year and future seasons.

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Returning members

If you currently have a membership card from previous seasons, please carry it v you to either kiosk (Busk/Clearwater or Apex) to obtain a 2021-22 sticker for your card. If you no longer have actually your member card, please involved the Apex Kiosk.

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TRAILS & grooming UPDATE
March 25, 2021 Jaime FrederickLeave a comment

in march 25, 2021

Good Morning Skiers,

Conditions in ~ our club as of 07:00AM room -1 Celsius at Apex and also -2 Celsius increase Clearwater. Skies are partly cloudy and also winds are light. Predicted job time highs space +7 Celsius with partially cloudy skies and also some flurries.

Mark is grooming this morning and tells me Clearwater and Busk/Euphrates room complete, including all loops. He is heading end to Apex, and plans to carry out Cottonwood, Apex and the Night loop. Many thanks for this Mark!

“Success is no final, fail is not fatal, the is the courage to proceed that counts.” Winston Churchill

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TRAILS & to organize UPDATE
March 15, 2021 Jaime FrederickLeave a comment

in march 15, 2021

Good Morning Team,As the 6:15AM temperature at our club are just a hair southern of 0 Celsius. A dusting that snow has fallen end night. Predicted job time highs space +7 with overcast skies, maybe some precipitation.

Jason is working difficult at this minute grooming away, most of the Apex side is excellent (not including Night Creek, Grizzly and also Rail Grade) and from the gps tracker, the looks Jason just came under the Busk Connecter and is organize busk right now. Clearwater will certainly be last, and also Jason asks skiers to stop Clearwater until the grooming authorize is removed. This will be sometime after 7:30AM. Thanks Jason!

Beware the Ides the March!On this particular day in the year 44 BC, Julius Caesar, was assassinated in the Senate Chambers in Rome. Caesar was about to be claimed a dictator for life. 60 senators conspired, to preserve the 465-year-old roman inn republic, and also remove the would-be dictator prior to he might ascend to this high office. Unfortunately, the arrangement to return Rome come a Republic failed. After a duration of polite war, Julius Caesar’s Nephew, Octavian, became the an initial Roman Emperor, Augustus. Rome was ruled by Emperors, till its fall 520 year later. “O the a man can knowthe end of this day’s business ere it come!But the sufficeth that the day will end and also then the end is known.”― william Shakespeare, Julius CaesarAdd to her PostBoost post

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TRAILS & grooming UPDATE
March 13, 2021 Jaime FrederickLeave a comment

Saturday, march 13th

Another snowless night out there on the trails. As of 6:30am the is -7C, through the sun illuminating a cloudless sky. Over there is a predicted high of +11C and for the sunlight to stay unchallenged in the sky all day.

The corduroy is new on: all loops on Clearwater, and also Busk, and Apex side is come be complete by about 8am. The problem of the trails are similar to yesterday, good to excellent, except for Busk i beg your pardon is only good conditions because it is showing indications of spring.

Fact that the Day: us probably have all heard around how the Inuit have 50 words for snow, but the Sami people of northern Finland, Sweden, Norway, and also Russia have 180 words because that different species of snow! The Sami space traditionally fishers, trappers and reindeer herders. That numerous ways to define snow is pretty impressive, yet that is nothing contrasted to the approximately 1000 native they have for reindeer!


Can girlfriend think of some words that we use to define snow in the English language???

March 12, 2021 Jaime FrederickLeave a comment

brand-new this year! march Break household Days!

Come because that a ski and also bring the kids! distinct pricing ~ above Day passes for families (or adults w/ kids):