What room some excerpts from the novel To kill a Mockingbird the portray Jem"s dream of being a soccer player once he is older?
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Scout starts narrating the story by mentioning her brother"s injury to his left arm and also commenting top top his enthusiasm to become a football star. She says,

" His left arm was somewhat shorter than his right; as soon as he was standing or walked, the ago of his hand to be at ideal angles...

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Scout starts narrating the story by pointing out her brother"s injury to his left arm and also commenting on his passion to come to be a football star. She says,

"His left arm was somewhat shorter than his right; when he stood or walked, the earlier of his hand to be at best angles come his body, his ignorance parallel come his thigh. That couldn’t have cared less, so long as he could pass and also punt" (Lee 1).

In thing 11, Atticus rewards Jem because that his first day reading to Mrs. Dubose by providing him a football magazine. Atticus is aware that Jemfantasizes around becoming a football star which is why he chooses an proper gift. Scouts says,

"Atticus had two yellow pencils because that me and also a soccer magazine because that Jem, which I expect was a quiet reward because that our very first day’s session through Mrs. Dubose" (Lee 67).

In thing 23, Bob Ewell spits in Atticus" face, and the children start to worry around their father"s safety. Atticus notices the his children are dragging approximately the neighborhood and also not eating. Enlightenment says,

"He tempted Jem through a new football newspaper one night; as soon as he saw Jem flip the pages and also toss it aside, he said,What’s bothering you, son?”" (Lee 134).

Later ~ above in the chapter, Jem do the efforts to comfort Scout after ~ Alexandra tells her that she cannot play through Walter due to the fact that he is trash. Jem walks right into his room and also takes off his shirt to display Scout the he is cultivation hair ~ above his chest. He proud says, "Goin’ out for football next year" (Lee 138). At the start of thing 27, reconnaissance mentions the Jem is in the saturday grade and also goes to the high school. She says,

"He went out for football, yet was also slender and too young yet to execute anything yet carry the team water buckets. This that did through enthusiasm; most afternoons the was seldom home prior to dark" (Lee 149).

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Later ~ above in the chapter, Scout return from school and also decides to concern Jem about Miss Gate"s hypocritical statements. She walks right into Jem"s room and mentions,

"Jem to be worn the end from a day’s water-carrying. There to be at least twelve banana peels ~ above the floor by his bed, bordering an empty milk bottle" (Lee 151).

When enlightenment asks Jem why that is eat so much, the says, "Coach states if ns can gain twenty-five pounds through year after following I can play...This is the quickest way" (Lee 151).