Chris Jericho is just one of the many experienced skilled wrestlers in the world. However, the still stays a prized asset because that wrestling promotions about the world.

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Despite the many things fans recognize him for, among the factors that define Chris Jericho is the number of nicknames that has collected for self throughout his career. Just one of them gift Y2J, he has over 17 nicknames! 


OSAKA, JAPAN – JUNE 09: kris Jericho beginning the ring during the rule 6.9 In Osaka-Jo room of NJPW on June 09, 2019 in Osaka, Japan. (Photo through Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)

1. Y2J

The most renowned Jericho nickname originated once he debuted because that WWE ago on august 9, 1999. The interrupted The Rock throughout a promo and iconically greeted anyone to ‘Raw is Jericho’, calling self Y2J.

This to be a play on the Y2K bug, which was a discrepancy or disparity in the transition of calendar to the brand-new millennium for computers.

Since then, Jericho has actually been referred to as Y2J, which has come to be an integral part of his character. It yes, really is that simple, no bigger backstory than that.

2. Very first Ever Undisputed Champion 

Chris Jericho has actually the dignity of gift the just Superstar come beat “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and also The absent both on the exact same night. What’s far better was the he came to be the first-ever Undisputed Champion in WWE history, earning the this nickname.

Although both victories weren’t clean, they tho stand, and the nickname has actually a most weight come it.

3. Mongoose McQueen 

Mongoose McQueen is one of the many personas that Jericho. This persona is primarily created for his band Fozzy, that which the is the frontman. Mongoose McQueen is a unique character, and also Chris Jericho considers the a separation personality. 

When the is in character as Mongoose McQueen, that doesn’t identify the existence of ‘Chris Jericho’ and also it continues to be that way. Weirdly enough, Jericho acknowledges the presence of McQueen and actively states that he is a huge fan of the frontman! 


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4. The Ayatollah that Rock and Rolla

Jericho takes impetus from the foolish Max 2: fury Road character- the leader the the antagonists, who calls self ‘The Ayatollah the Rock and Rolla’ for this nickname. Jericho presented the name on his WWE debut in 1999.


OSAKA, JAPAN – JUNE 09: chris Jericho watch on throughout the dominion 6.9 In Osaka-Jo room of NJPW on June 09, 2019 in Osaka, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)

Although it can be for other reasons, this is the most probable influence. Y2J has long viewed himself together a rock-and-roll character and has shaped his rings gimmick off rock legends. This nickname might just it is in a product that that. 

5. Corazón de León, Leon D’Oro, He-Man, kris Power 

This interesting set of nicknames came from Jerichos’ mexican conquest. In 1992, pan voted because that Y2J to be dubbed Leon D’Oro, an interpretation “Golden Lion”. The various other options accessible were ‘He-man’, and ‘Chris Power’.

He was later called ‘Corazón de León’ an interpretation ‘Lionheart’ when he completed for other companies there. 

6. The man of 1,004 Holds 

This came from one iconic and also hilarious promo when Chris Jericho take it on Dean Malenko in WWE. Malenko, well-known as ‘The male of 1000 holds’, to be bested by Jericho, who asserted to know 4 more! 

He climate proceeded to list all of those holds in a huge document scroll! He also went out and also called Malenko for knowing simply 60 and not 1000. 

At some suggest during among his plenty of WWE returns, Jericho began calling self ‘Sexy Beast’, however the nickname got famous through the T-Shirts that the very same name which sold like hotcakes. 

8. The King the the World

This name shown up itself out of Jericho’s heel run wherein he thought about himself the finest for his accomplishments and experience. Nothing lot behind it, although it did match well with one of his layout songs which was ‘King of mine World’ by Saliva.

OSAKA, JAPAN – JUNE 09: chris Jericho and also Kazuchika Okada contend in the IWGP heavy Weight Championship bout throughout the rule 6.9 In Osaka-Jo room of NJPW top top June 09, 2019 in Osaka, Japan. (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)

9. Le Champion

The latest and greatest nickname for Jericho originates from his insignificant in AEW. As AEW Champion, he started calling self ‘Le Champion’, which is simply French because that ‘The Champion’. The rest of his faction, The inner Circle, also called that this, and also it stuck on.

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The various other nicknames that Y2J has gathered over the years with either promos or one-offs space ‘Mr. Canada’, ‘C Man’, ‘The to mark of the Night’, ‘The King that Bling Bling’, ‘The living Legend, bigger than Life’, and ‘Vitamin C’. 

One thing’s for sure- kris Jericho never has actually a difficulty with ring introductions together he walks in the direction of a fight! It would certainly be quite hilarious because that every among those nicknames being announced throughout one of his matches, perhaps his last, as a dream send-off.

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