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Let's talk about lonelinessYou recognize sometimes it can fool youInto believing you're on top of the worldNo one have the right to top you or protect against youAnd everything you've ever before wantedIs appropriate at your fingertipsBut, together alwaysReality steps in and shocks youRight back into the presentAnd all you deserve to do is ask yourself over and also overWhy?What taken place to the love that carried us bothSo lot joy and also happiness?Oh hey, I recognize things changePeople changeBut this hurtsI median it really hurtsI guess it all boils down to the factThat we never ever really knew each various other anyway, huh?Yeah, i knowSay, wait a minute, allow me tell exactly how ns feel, ok?
Today I'm simply a lonely manBut tommorow I'll it is in a kingBlessing every my subjectsCast afar and also securitiesThe whole broad world will certainly watch meAs i walk up to my throneNights in bright armorStand roughly to heed my callBut wait a minuteI'm still lonely (still lonely, quiet lonely)I assumption: v anyone have the right to dreamBut as soon as you lose someone that seemsSo unimportantAlthough every person changesDifferent times and differrent waysBut never all the sameWhy (Why)Have I lost you (Have I lost you baby)Why (why)Tell me ooohhhhhhhAlthough every person changesDifferent times and differrent waysWhy (why)Tell me ooohhhhhhhWhy
Why?Why have actually I shed you baby?Why?I've been so lonelyWhy?Ohh why?Why? OooohWhy?Why? phone call me, ooooooooohWhy?Why? call me, ooooooooohOoooh hoooo ooooh hooooooOoooh hooooOh why?Baby, yeahMmmmmmmmI put all my trustIn you, babyYes, i didAnd I, I found outThat you really didn't know meI never ever thought you'd execute me this wayWhy?

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