What happened To Peeta after ~ The Hunger Games finished Josh Hutcherson illustrated the lovely Peeta Mellark throughout the Hunger games franchise. So what taken place to the personality after the series ended?

Hunger Games
What happened to Peeta Mellark ~ the Hunger Games series ended? gibbs Josh Hutcherson illustrated the character in all four movies within the franchised based on Suzanne Collins" novels. Peeta functioned at his family"s bakery in ar 12, the poorest community within Panem. He to be the masculine tribute selected in the Reaping for the 74th Hunger Games. The notably battled alongside Katniss Everdeen, the other District 12 tribute.

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Peeta came to be allies with the job tributes yet it was a ruse to store them far from Katniss. He and also Katniss tried to play top top the id that they were romantically affiliated to win over the remainder of Panem, however Peeta had true feel for her the entirety time. Peeta and Katniss eventually adjusted the rules by convincing the Capitol to enable two victors to victory the Hunger Games. Their success tour to be cut short when the duo was forced ago into the really next Hunger gamings event.

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The 75th Hunger gamings was every a ploy to begin an main uprising against the Capitol. Unfortunately, the rebels failed in ~ rescuing Peeta indigenous the arena and also he to be captured. Transparent both installments of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, it was revealed that Peeta to be physically and also mentally tortured by the Capitol. Castle used tracker jacker venom to distort his storage to rotate him versus Katniss. The ar 13 rebels later rescued him but with his existing mindset, he to be still a liability. The rebels realized that President Coin want to use Peeta to kill Katniss for this reason there to be no an option but to kill the political figure. After the end of the battle in Mockingjay, Peeta still had actually a lengthy road come recovery.

Hunger Games
adhering to President Coin"s death at the end of the war, Peeta lost manage of his psychic again. He went to the same psychiatrist the treated Katniss for her mental struggles. Like Katniss, Peeta finished up back in district 12, which was still recovering after gift firebombed. By that point, Peeta significantly recovered native the brainwashing, yet he still had actually PTSD from having actually his mind hijacked. Gift in near proximity come Katniss was greatly helpful as they relied ~ above each various other to heal.

As a way to do Katniss feeling better, Peeta planted primroses approximately the houses in honor of Katniss" sister, Prim. He and also Haymitch additionally helped Katniss v her book that she composed detailing her experience with the Games. Peeta drew the images of the victims so the Panem would never forget them. Katniss ongoing to grow closer to Peeta and eventually fell in love with him. To her, Peeta symbolized hope, and she essential him to survive.

Peeta and also Katniss to be in their beforehand 30s throughout the Hunger Games epilogue. It to be revealed the they continued to be together and also had two children. Peeta remained by Katniss" side once she went through dark episodes of she ever-lasting trauma. She constantly worried about the work they would have to tell their kids around the Hunger Games and the occasions with the Capitol. Peeta assured her the they will certainly share the story together with their memory book. In spite of the terror he endured, Peeta never shed his feeling of optimism.

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The Hunger Games franchise will increase in the near future through Collins" prequel novel. The civil liberties of the film have already been marketed so it"s likely the civilization of Panem will go back to the huge screen. Peeta won"t be involved considering the moment frame, however it"s feasible that his Mellark family background could be a focal point.