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Macbeth does no attempt to death Banquo himself because he no longer has to do his very own dirty work. He has end up being king and can delegate such deeds to others. Gift king renders Macbeth conspicuous. It would be harder because that him to killing Banquo 보다 it was to murder Duncan ...

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Macbeth does no attempt to kill Banquo himself because he no longer needs to do his own dirty work. That has end up being king and also can delegate together deeds come others. Being king provides Macbeth conspicuous. It would be harder because that him to murder Banquo 보다 it to be to murder Duncan; yet it is much much easier to establish an alibi because that killing Banquo or anybody else, due to the fact that he deserve to have the death done because that him if he provides an appearance in front of numerous other people. As king he can probably have ordered Banquo enforcement (and he can have also framed him because that the murder of Duncan to justification the execution), however he most likely didn"t feel sufficiently for sure in his brand-new position as pure ruler. No doubt the would favor to be believed of together a benevolent monarch, but he easily learns that this is impossible because too plenty of people, including Banquo and Macduff, feel sure he acquired the throne by the worst type of treachery.

As far as Macbeth"s an ideas for death Banquo is concerned, this appears to be thoroughly extended in his soliloquy in act 3, step 1, quoted below in full.

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To be thus is nothing,But to it is in safely thus. Our fear in BanquoStick deep, and also in his royalty of natureReigns the which would certainly be fear"d. ’Tis much he dares,And, to that dauntless temper that his mind,He on foot a wisdom the doth guide his valorTo action in safety. Over there is none but heWhose being I do fear; and under himMy genius is rebuked, as that is saidMark Antony"s was by Caesar. He chid the sisters,When first they placed the name of King ~ above me,And bade lock speak to him; climate prophet-likeThey hail"d him dad to a line of kings:Upon my head they put a fruitless crown(65)And placed a barren sceptre in my gripe,Thence to it is in wrench"d through an unlineal hand,No child of mine succeeding. If"t be so,For Banquo"s issue have I filed my mind,For lock the gracious Duncan have I murdered,Put rancors in the vessel of my peaceOnly because that them, and mine eternal jewelGiven come the common enemy of man,To make them kings, the seeds of Banquo kings!Rather than so, come, Fate, right into the list,(75)And champion me to the utterance! 

Macbeth is fear of Banquo. That realizes that Banquo should have a solid motivation come assassinate the in bespeak to do it feasible for his own descendants to end up being the majesties of Scotland, together promised by the 3 witches. Macbeth likewise feels certain that Banquo sees appropriate through him and also knows intuitively and also deductively that Macbeth killed Duncan in order to end up being king. Macbeth think he have the right to cheat fate by killing Banquo and also thereby preventing him from creating heirs to the Scottish throne. No doubt Macbeth is already planning to have actually Fleance murdered in addition to his father.