Over a decade back, Kane went totally psychological in a roundabout way to promote the movie See No Evil. This is his story.

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Big Show and Kane as the Colossal Connection 2.0 maintained blazing with the competition, culminating at WrestleMania 22, wbelow they beat the team of Carlito and also Chris Masters. After the complement, Carlito assaulted Masters, which was intended to revolve Masters challenge, yet the crowd was really into it so they figured, whatever before, they would simply make Carlito the challenge in this instance.


In the complement against the Spirit Squad, Kane entirely shed his shit and started damaging the whole Squad. His usage of a chair got him disqualified. Then he beat up the ref. Big Sexactly how stepped in, however got chokeslammed for it.

So what was May 19th? Well, May 1ninth was the release date of See No Evil, a WWE Studios horror release about to hit theaters. Originally titled Eye Scream Man, it starred Kane as Jacob Goodnight, a seemingly-unkillable, religious lunatic through a zest for rerelocating the eyes of his victims.

This was during a time once WWE actually offered a damn about their movie releases, mostly bereason they were still in theaters and also not straight to digital. They wanted world to be as mindful of the movie as feasible and their best attempt at that wregarding develop a storyline around May 1nine. Hey, it beat the moment they dedicated a SummerSlam main occasion to No Holds Barred.

The mere cite of that date would drive Kane right into a frenzy and also he’d strike whoever said it for factors well-known only to Kane. This was a huge problem as the firm went out of its method to have actually everyone talk up See No Evil. Backphase, Big Sexactly how tried to calm his buddy dvery own and readily available to provide him some support, but Kane was all, “SAY THAT DAY AND I WILL KILL YOU, I SWEAR TO GOD!” and also that simply invited Big Sjust how to angrily repeat “May 19th!” till Kane bloodied his eye.

The match was signed for Backlash ’06. Big Sexactly how vs. Kane. It was eextremely little bit as negative as you’d intend it to be, particularly considering that Big Show was probably in the worst form of his life approximately this time. While the youngsters in the audience were totally right into it, it seemed to slog on forever before until Big Show attempted to tear out Kane’s eye. Instead, Kane threw him to the outside and also things got crazy.

The arena lights turned red and Kane started hearing his very own voice, constantly whispering the very same few cryptic phrases over and also over aobtain. He writhed roughly on the mat, holding his head, all while Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler pretfinished not to notice all the theatrics. Any coolness that could be perceived fell out the home window when it just wouldn’t end and we retained hearing all the whispered lines on loop. Big Sjust how, crying prefer he was the boy in Old Yeller, picked up a chair and smamelted Kane in the head via it. Big Show then walked off in sadness and frustration while Kane sat up with a smile on his confront, seemingly because he might no much longer hear the voices.

It was sort of embarrassing to sit through.

Kane’s obsession and also hatred via May 1ninth continued, albeit with nobody to feud with. He was just this loose cannon component of the WWE, being plugged in wherever while they preserved plugging his upcoming movie.

This consisted of a backstage interwatch segment wright here 3 of the actors from the movie talked up just how creepy and unwelcoming Kane was on the collection. Samantha Noble didn’t even try to keep a directly face in this little bit. Michael Pagan made a suggest to say that nobody kbrand-new when the movie’s release date was going to be during the making of it, so Kane wasn’t freaking out earlier then. Then he excitedly pointed out May 19th a couple of times, pointing out just how it’s the perfect time to release a movie. In the middle of these musings, Kane showed up and angrily strangled him on the spot while the others ran off screaming.


That was followed by among the a lot of bizarre and also distinct Raw segments in history. Kane was put in an additional enhance versus with Big Show. Now, those 2 have fought it out a million times over the years and also we commonly understand what to mean. Jim Ross also stated that we wouldn’t be seeing any type of type of catch-as-catch-deserve to grappling in between the two.

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But he was wrong. That was exactly what we got! Kane and Big Sexactly how chain wrestling.