In 2017, Google started sharing answer to inquiries on their search outcomes page. Answer to concerns on Google are coming native websites everywhere the internet. It’s been super valuable for many everyone. Girlfriend can find the answer you’re looking there is no visiting a website. You can gain your answer straight from Google’s search results page.

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When you ask inquiries on Google, the an initial result shown is a featured snippet. This “answer” is what Google has uncovered to be the most truthful or useful to users.

If you’re completely lost, here’s what a featured snippet looks prefer in Google:

Continued Education

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Optimizing come qualify because that a featured snippet is not complicated or complicated. Focus on comment a specific question. Make sure your answers contain the ideal word count. Get the formatting ideal with “h2” fonts and also paragraphs.

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Store your answers together close come the peak of your content as possible. But, the most essential thing is to emphasis on publishing excellent content.