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beo wolf , and also the narrator, carry out several factors for Beowulf"s choice, although not every one of them space revealed at the exact same time. This might be due to the story being a compilation, or aggregate, with various authors including their own aspects to it end time, or because a staggered approach...

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Beowulf, and also the narrator, administer several reasons for Beowulf"s choice, although not every one of them are revealed at the same time. This might be because of the story gift a compilation, or aggregate, with miscellaneous authors including their own facets to it end time, or due to the fact that a staggered approach permits each item of details to have an ext impact once it is thought about by the leader in light of former information.

The reason that beowulf initially provides is that he will not usage weapons because Grendel doesn"t use any kind of weapons either. This seems prefer it"s a straightforward matter that making the a "fair fight" - although we have to remind ourselves the Beowulf has actually been reputed to have actually a grip the is akin to the stamin of 30 men, and also Grendel appears an ext than capable of throw men roughly like dolls, given that he dragged 15 that them ago to the wetland in a single raid. By fighting Grendel without weapons, Beowulf also leaves no room because that anyone come argue the it to be his armor or his sword, fairly than his body and also mind, that beat the monster. In a sense, Beowulf will certainly prove self the better monster.

Another factor for scorning weapons is the call this will bring to Hygelac. The is likewise mentioned during the fight through Grendel"s mommy that beo wolf casts his sword aside and seizes her through his hands, and also to "trust in one"s strength" is the best and only means to win honor because that one"s lord in battle. Together demonstrated through his generous gift-giving come Hygelac and also Hygd top top his return, beowulf recognizes the worth of keeping one"s lord in high esteem and also representing that well, because that this will earn the trust and also reputation.

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Finally, that is mentioned throughout the fight v the dragon that Beowulf had actually never had actually luck v swords; his strength was so great that he often tended to just break them. That is exciting that this is not mentioned earlier, and also by saying that Beowulf"s use of his hands is a necessity could imply the he is in some ways past the taming influence of civilization and also refined tools.