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Sun protection in the Snow


Sunburn deserve to be incredibly painful and also can absolutely ruin a holiday in the snow. Even though temperatures may be exceptionally cold, the potential for sunburn can be high.

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The risk of sunburn is much higher in mountainous areas than at sea level because the setting is thinner and also less air pollution is current to filter the end ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Snow deserve to reflect practically 90% that UV radiation so UV rays space much much more likely to burn locations such as your chin and nose.

While sunburn is initially painful and also uncomfortable it can likewise cause long term damage such as wrinkling, blotchiness, premature birth ageing and skin cancer.



Apply sunscreen, SPF 15 or higher and 4 star rating or more, 30 minutes prior to you walk out right into the sun (always review the directions) and make certain all areas are covered, including your neck, face, ears and under her chin.

Carry a little tube that sunscreen through you and reapply frequently. Water resistant sunscreen is ideal if you room active. The cold conditions and high levels of UV radiation have the right to lead to dry, cracked and sunburnt lips. To avoid damages from UV radiation, usage a lip balm with a SPF the 30+.

Eye protection

Eyes constantly need protection indigenous UV rays reflect from the snow. Eye blindness or damages to the eye’s cornea can happen after exposure come high level of UV radiation. Over-exposure come UV radiation has additionally been attached to cataracts and other eye conditions. Always wear safety-approved eye wear, look for a brother Standard mark or European safety standard mark and read the customer info label. Wrap-around sunglasses or tinted ski-goggles space the best at ensuring the no glare filters in in ~ the bottom or sides.


Wear a woollen or fleece beanie the you deserve to pull down over the ears and protect her neck v a scarf or high-collared jumper. Top top warmer work wear a lighter hat v sunscreen, sunglasses and lip protection. When skiing, undertake both a beanie hat and also a helmet.


The cold temperature on snow holidays median that everyone commonly wears garments that consists arms and legs, consisting of high collars and also gloves but in feather temperatures can end up being quite warm. Don’t do the wrong of exposing your skin and also getting charred – always wear long-sleeved tops and also trousers.



Anyone can build skin cancer, every little thing their skin colour. However, certain skin species are much more at danger from the impacts of UV radiation 보다 others.

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Too lot ultraviolet (UV) light, one of two people from organic sunlight or from man-made sources such as sunbeds, is the main reason of 80% that skin cancers.

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Sunbeds, demorphs booths and sun lamps provide out ultraviolet (UV) rays the can damage your skin and can do it watch wrinkled, larger or leathery.