Why does poignant a magnet top top a computer system or tv display screen turn it various colours? Why perform the colours occasionally stay?

This just works on old fashioned tv screens or computer system monitors, therefore to know why this wake up we need to know how they work. Inside a television there is a big glass chamber which has had actually all the air sucked out to make a vacuum. At the ago of this room is an electrical gun i m sorry fires electrons in the direction of the earlier of the screen. The display is extended with small lumps that phosphor, i m sorry glows once an electron hits it. If you cover the whole display screen with one color of phosphor, you obtain a black and white tv.

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To make a colour tv screen, they put tiny spots of three different colours that phosphor top top the display in groups. Each group has a point out of red, a clues of green and also one that blue. Lighting this up in different combinations deserve to make every the colour you watch on her tv.

As electron fly towards the screen, they deserve to be moved using a magnetic field - this allows you target the electrons at the best spot the phosphor and also get the ideal colours in the appropriate place.

When you put a magnet close to the tv, it diverts the electrons away from whereby they have to go, and also so the not correct phosphor spots irradiate up and also you don"t gain the appropriate colours.

Sometimes, if you placed a magnet close to a tv for also long, you deserve to make bits of the magnetic and so it will constantly distort the colours: this is how the colours stay there.

Some tv"s have actually a degaussing coil within them that re-sets the magnetism as soon as you switch them on, therefore the colours go back to being correct.

Even the Earth"s magnetic field is enough to distort the colours, for this reason if you revolve a tv upside down once it"s switched on, this can additionally make the colours go wrong.

We did this experiment in kitchen science.

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