As the location says... Lions don't get sick also though they eat raw flesh however it is generally accepted that life meat is an illness ridden and also will provide humans illness. ... Why?


Humans can eat raw meat without much issue, generally. Raw seafood is common, together is beef. Go to Japan and also you'll find sashimi make of pork and chicken too.

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There are great benefits to cooking it, though, so we do. Don't confuse what us are provided to doing with an actual need though :)

One that the most vital pieces the this is the truth that they're eating raw meat indigenous wild animals. Most of ours meat comes from factory farms, i beg your pardon pack animals in tightly and an outcome in settings that encourage the spread of disease.

Then once you add in the slaughterhouses space not almost as hygienic as they have to be, it's not unusual to discover unpleasant bacteria top top the outsides of cuts of meat. The longer it takes for the meat to obtain to the consumer, the more the bacteria has multiplied and also the an ext potential for it to spread disease.

So essentially, there's a civilization of difference between raw meat from a new kill, and raw packaged meat from manufacturing facility farm-raised animals. The latter is much an ext conducive for far-reaching bacterial growth.

But with those examples, aren't we still really careful about picking meat that isn't infected through parasites?

Their body have adjusted to a diet that subsists largely of raw meat, and it is typically as fresh as raw meat have the right to possibly get... Spoilage is in ~ a minimum because that them. Humans have actually been food preparation their meat for tens of countless years, and at this allude raw meat has minimal appeal come us. There room a couple of small exception (sushi is what automatically comes come mind), yet they're outliers that don't straight correlate to the usual human dietary experience.

On the various other hand, over there are foodstuffs that us eat and enjoy that other varieties cannot. I'm sure there are some foodstuffs lions would certainly not be able to eat without obtaining massively sick, that us tolerate through ease. (I'm thinking of what happens to dogs when they eat cacao as an example for the comment.)

Another point not already mentioned is the a lion's digestive street is substantially different than that of a human.

Lions space carnivores. People are not. We're omnivores, for this reason we have to have a digestive tract that's adapted to eating both meat and also plant matter. A carnivore's digestive tract is significantly shorter than ours, which enables for a much more rapid remove of digested waste, so it has far less time come spoil or to breed nests of harmful bacteria. A carnivore's stomach mountain is also significantly an ext powerful than human being stomach mountain (IIRC, person stomach pH is somewhere roughly 4, however a carnivore's is 1 or approaching 1), which kills most recognized food-borne pathogens.

I had discussed this through someone once, but about wolves, not lions. They claimed the difference in digestive systems, specifically that a canine's digestive street is shorter and virtually a directly shot, food doesn't sit over there for long periods and have a possibility to ferment or for bacteria come proliferate. In humans, what is consumed has come go with a pretty lengthy route and dwells in our intestines long enough to cause problems if what is eaten is contaminated.

humans eat raw meat every the time. Its simply that as soon as we discovered fire and started cooking meat, that made it less complicated for united state to digest, and additionally made it much less likely come make united state sick.

Humans are qualified of eat raw meat. Sushi, rarely meat, prosciutto (spelling?) room all instance of raw meat. Cooking meat is really an excellent in terms of denaturing several of the proteins and also increasing the availability of part nutrients come our bodies. Likewise it tastes good.

True. Though i think the instance of proscuitto would certainly be a little different, because salting and also curing attain some of the same outcomes as cooking: avoiding bacterial growth and also breaking down proteins--and making food delicious.

And now I'm reasoning of ceviche, raw shrimp or fish the is "cooked" through acid, choose lemon juice. The proteins gain denatured too, simply by acid rather of heat.

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If you believe humans can not eat raw meat, girlfriend probably have never had Mett (raw ground pork usually served with life onions) or Steak tartare (minced beef filet v raw eggs and pickles). Ingredient is delicious and in mine opinion much more tasty 보다 bacon.