From beer leagues come the NHL, taping the stick is often thought about to be a divine pre-game ritual for nearly every player. The tape project (or "TJ" because that short) needs to be perfect, excellent the exact same way, to the exact same length, through the very same amount that overlap, and also with the perfect quantity of wax, no exceptions.

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Some players perform this since the ice on their blade it s okay torn throughout each game, however in reality, it"s done because that one factor only: layout points.

To others, tape work are just something they have to do due to the fact that their coach called them around it one time once they were eight year old play in mites. In this article, we"re celebrating these players (sort of) by bringing friend ten the the most brutal tape work in hockey.

#10. "Just The Tip" special Nikita Scherbak


Taping only the center to the toe of the blade has been made well known by Alexander Ovechkin (a TJ much more commonly described as "The Ovi"). Nikita Scherbak takes The Ovi and cuts in half by taping simply the pointer of toe. Through this ice cream job, who cares if you can"t catch a pass, you"ll it is in pulling turn off toe drags far better than anyone else on the ice.

#9. "The More, The Merrier" featuring Patrick Sharp

Photo credit transaction Andrew Dieb, symbol Sportswire

The basic idea once taping the stick tongue is to, well, just cover the blade. Patrick spicy not just tapes the whole blade, yet he just keeps ~ above going. You never understand when you"re walk to need to handle the puck off the hosel and shaft, i suppose.

#8. "50 in 07" special Dany Heatley


Photo Credit: Jeff Gross, Getty Images

Yeah, he when scored 4 objectives in an All Star game. Yeah, he to be a 50 goal scorer each year between "05-"06 and also "06-"07, also - however he has actually a nice wild TJ. Simply three strips down the middle brings out part flair resembling the of Bobby Orr, however the aer overlap near the hoe will set off any stick ice perfectionist"s O.C.D.

#7. The "Candy Cane" special Phil Kessel


Photo Credit: Jerome Miron, USA now Sports

Now, the "Candy Cane" has actually been approximately for a very long time because, back in the day, players didn"t have access to today"s composite sticks v that new-fangled GripTac™ obelisk texture. They had to either placed up with the smooth texture of hardwood or use stick tape under the pillar (resembling a liquid cane) to provide them a far better grip at a cost of a slightly heavier shaft. Nowadays, it"s more than likely ten times harder to uncover a stick the doesn"t have grip 보다 one that does, for this reason it"s nice funny just how guys like Phil Kessel or James valve Riemsdyk are still wasting fifty percent a roll of ice on every of their sticks in 2016.

#6. "BladeTape" special Meghan Agosta


Photo Credit: Petr David Josek, AP Photo

Meghan Agosta of Team Canada is a brand ambassador because that the pole "tape" agency called BladeTape. This tape alternate is do of two rubber sticker labels that lay on the forehand and also backhand deals with of the blade and are designed to repel water and also improve rod handling. When this sounds great on paper, in action, these fail the mirror test huge time together they simply look pretty ridiculous. They space a surefire means to acquire chirped by your adversaries all game long. Just stick to fabric tape, it"s not that bad!

#5. "The Hilt the Excalibur" special Brent Seabrook


This handle TJ is an ext rare than a spirit bear as it might be the an initial and just of its kind. It"s so awkward-looking the it"s virtually a job-related of art. Let"s break this one down - Seabrook is a large guy (6"3"), for this reason it"s no surprise he requirements a pillar extension. Instead of gaining a continual ol" 4" composite expansion plug, he offers a tapered item of lumber that fits flush into the peak of the shaft and gets thinner the greater it goes. Then, rather of having a knob at the height of the handle, he supplies one in ~ the bottom the his hand like King Arthur"s Excalibur.

#4 "Stick Tape? never ever Heard that It" featuring Bobby Orr


Bobby Orr can have been among the very first to use a "minimalist" tape task - simply two strips that tape near the hoe of the blade for puck handling. I"m pretty certain the puck is at least twice as vast as the tape, therefore it"s very unlikely this tape is actually serving a purpose. It"s ironic how one of the ideal defensemen to ever play the game could also among the worst through a role of ice cream - once he"d even use it. 


No tape, no problem.

#3. The "Roller Daddy" featuring Kevin Fiala

Photo Credit: Frederick Breedon, Getty Images

Generally seen being offered by the kid on her summer roller hockey team that is too lazy to execute just around anything, this TJ is in a people of the own. It gives off the vibe the "I just don"t care around stick handling, shooting, or how long mine stick will last, I just want to cave out and drink beers with the guys after the game."

Why stroked nerves wasting ice cream on the entire blade as soon as the puck is just going come touch that 1" stripe at the bottom anyways, right?

#2. The "Ovi Meets The Roller Daddy" special Artemi Panarin


Photo Credit: Claus Andersen, Getty Images

Some players consider the "half tongue to toe" tape job to be one of the many stylish methods to tape their sticks, yet Chicago Blackhawks rookie Artemi Panarin totally butchers it. Look very closely - he"s utilizing a long horizontal piece of thick black color tape (otherwise known as the "Roller Daddy") under the white tape. This rookie relocate of using two colors of tape in 2 opposite directions gives Panarin among the worst tape jobs on our list.

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#1. "I obtained To The Locker Room 3 Minutes prior to Puck Drop" special Alexander Khokhlachev

His face expression says it all. This was in the gold medal game for the 2015 people Junior Championship tournament - a video game where just about every hockey player would presumably it is in extra meticulous through their pre-game routine. This looks like Khokhlachev confirmed up come the locker room as the Zamboni to be making its way off the ice. Through no time to spare, that must have actually just got hold of that dirty roll of ice cream that"s to be hiding in his bag because that the last 4 years and threw part on in about three seconds.

Hopefully you now have actually a far better idea of just how NOT come tape her stick prior to your following game. Remember, this post is simply poking a little fun at the pros, so don"t be upset if your favorite player made this perform - it"s every in great humor. Once all else fails, just stick v the classics!