Here are several of our favorite turkey jokes for Thanksgiving indigenous contributing editor Richard Lederer:

Best Turkey Jokes because that Thanksgiving

Why walk the turkey cross the road?To prove he no chicken.

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Is turkey soup great for you?Not if you’re the turkey

Why walk the person quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey?Because the feather made that cough.

Why go the turkey bolt down its food?Because it to be a gobbler.

What carry out turkeys prefer to eat on Thanksgiving?Nothing, they’re currently stuffed.

Did you hear about the conservative turkey?It had two appropriate wings.

And there’s also more….

Why did the turkey go to the movie?To watch Gregory Peck.

Why is a turkey comparable to a ghost?Because it’s a-gobblin’.

Why go they let the turkey join the band?Because it had actually the drumsticks.

I used to be addicted to Thanksgiving leftovers, however then i quit cold turkey.

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Happy “Turkey” Day!

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