Songwriter Carole Bayer Sager, right, and her friend, actressElizabeth Taylor, attitude after Sager was honored v a star ~ above theHollywood to walk of fame in Los Angeles, Monday. Honors for Sager\"swork consists of an Oscar, a Grammy, a Tony, two gold Globe Awardsand induction into the Songwriters\" room of Fame.

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — It appeared fitting that Valentine"s work wouldbe soggy for "Come in indigenous the Rain" songwriter Carole BayerSager.

With around 300 pan looking on, including finest friend andneighbor Elizabeth Taylor, the Grammy winner unveiled her HollywoodWalk of reputation star throughout a Monday rainstorm.

Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan and Johnny Mathis areamong the artists who have recorded her songs. Bayer Sager"smemorable credits encompass "That"s What Friends are For," "Don"t CryOut Loud," "On mine Own," and "It"s my Turn."

"I want to give thanks to you every for coming in this rain. Ns don"t knowthat I would certainly have. Yet now that you have, speak to me anytime, evenwhen it"s raining," she told the crowd.

Other celebrities ~ above hand for the soggy ceremony consisted of DustinHoffman, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and Neil Simon.

HOLLAND, Mich. (AP) — Doodles by Rosie O"Donnell and also EwanMcGregor can soon attract enough money to assist elementary schoolkids.

A parents group at Lincoln Elementary school is sponsoring anauction of part 60 celebrity doodles v proceeds come benefitschool arts program in this western Michigan city.

The very first item up because that bids will certainly be a doodle of devices by TVhandyman Bob Vila, which was scheduled to appear on eBay beginningSunday. Forty various other pieces will follow in coming weeks and also a liveauction the 20 that the many prized functions go ~ above the block March25.

"We have actually absolutely no idea just how much we could raise," parentAngela Morris, who came up with the fund-raising idea, called TheGrand Rapids press in a Monday"s editions. "We simply figured itwould be more fun than selling cookie dough."

Last spring, students attracted pictures of 250 celebrities andparents mailed them out asking for a signed doodle in return.

The first doodled reply, not surprisingly, came fromkid-friendly Rosie O"Donnell. She scribbled faces of 5 studentsstanding behind a authorize that said: "LINCOLN ROCKS!"

Ewan McGregor that "Star Wars" additionally tried to equal second-graderAlan Hanko"s doodle of a irradiate saber in action, while Fred Rogersjotted some musical notes and signed the "Mister Rogers."

The five kids of late "Muppets" creator Jim Henson saidMonday they have bought Chaplin"s historic studio for $12.5 millionand room leasing it come the Jim Henson Co., your late father"scompany.

The five-acre Hollywood site, which includes Chaplin"s10,000-square-foot sound stage, was declared a historic monumentby the Los Angeles social Heritage board in 1969, protecting someof its buildings from alteration.

"The structures are a lovable hodgepodge of quirky, unusualspaces," claimed Lisa Henson, that works through the film division of herfather"s company. "It"s no your usual corporate space, but it"sideal for the Muppets."

Chaplin started construction ~ above his studio in 1917 and also he filmedlarge parts of "The Kid," "The yellow Rush," "Modern Times" and "TheGreat Dictator" there.

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Standup comedian Sommore, known for herfrank routines ~ above sex and also money, has been fee withparticipating in a cocaine ring.

Sommore, whose given name is Lori Ann Rambough, was organized Mondayon $250,000 bail. She deals with four medicine charges in a seven-countindictment returned by a federal cool jury in Washington, D.C.

A brand-new Jersey aboriginal who now lives in phibìc Hollywood, Calif.,Sommore to be arrested in new Jersey on Thursday, said Assistant U.S.Attorney Donna Krappa.

She and three others were charged through plotting to distributeover 5 kilograms of cocaine native September 1992 come December 1999.That charge carries a minimum prison term the 10 years and a $4million fine.

"Lori Rambough categorically denies every these alleged chargesagainst her. Us look front to the upcoming trial which willestablish she innocence," said her Beverly Hills publicist, MarleahLeslie & Associates.

In enhancement to standup, Sommore has had actually a recurring function on theABC sitcom "The Hughleys." She winner the Richard Pryor compensation forcomic that the year in 1995, and also hosted BET"s "Comic View."

Bellow, 84, got the lifetime success award throughout TheNew Yorker book Awards on Monday at the brand-new York PublicLibrary.

Coinciding with the magazine"s 75th birthday, literature prizeswere offered out for the best fiction, nonfiction, and also poetrycollection of 1999, and also the finest debut and also lifetimeachievement.

Bellow was cited because that such books as "Seize the Day," "Hendersonthe Rain King," "Mr. Sammler"s Planet," "The Adventures that AugieMarch" and "Herzog."

Bellow, who became a father 7 weeks ago, quipped that "he"stoo old to be affected by this things." Seconds later he said the"raging ego" is always happy to expropriate them.

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Annie Proulx won the fiction category with her book "CloseRange," when the poetry winner was Louise Gluck because that "Vita Nova."Gluck thanked other writers for offering "voices to writetoward."

The book "Out of Place: A Memoir" written by Edward W. Stated wonthe finest nonfiction prize. And the finest debut prize checked out JhumpaLahiri because that "Interpreter of Maladies".

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