Fifty year ago, the January 1968 fight laid ceiling the means U.S. Leaders had misled the public around the battle in Vietnam.

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President lyndon B. Johnson and also Gen. William Westmoreland in Vietnam on December 25, 1967, a month prior to the Tet Offensive. (AP)

When americans wince top top hearing presidents make proclamations around foreign policy, the legacy of the 1968 Tet attack looms large.

On January 30, at the start of the sacred Vietnamese vacation of Tet, which commemorated the begin of the brand-new lunar year, the phibìc Vietnamese and the Vietcong released a enormous military attack that verified the fight raging in south east Asia was far from over, and that President lyndon B. Johnson’s management had grossly oversold American development to the public. Back U.S. Troops ultimately ended the offensive successfully, and also the phibìc Vietnamese and also the Vietcong suffered brutal loses, this bloody weeks prompted a collection of occasions that continue to threaten Americans’ trust in their government.

The Tet offensive come after several months of the north Vietnamese modifying their strategy. Rather than a battle of attrition, the leadership planned come launch a massive attack that aimed to weaken the morale of the south Vietnamese and also the American public. Due to the fact that December, the phibìc Vietnamese had been conducting a series of attacks meant come send U.S. Forces in the not correct direction. Johnson and also his armed forces advisors fell for the trick. The president and also General william Westmoreland had focused on potential attacks against a U.S. Maritime base in Khe Sanh. Johnson maintained asking armed forces leaders if they were ready to safeguard the base and also he maintained promising congressional Democrats and also Republicans that he had actually received your assurances whatever would be fine.

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Meanwhile, Johnson had carried out a enormous public relations blitz in the finish of 1967 to convince the public that the battle was nearing a conclusion and that the United claims was winning. The progress Campaign, as it was occasionally called, deployed large volumes the data to to convince the media that the communists were shedding on the battlefield and that your numbers to be diminishing.

Westmoreland said Meet the Press top top November 19, 1967 the the U.S might win the battle within two years and also then proclaimed at the nationwide Press society on November 21 that “the end starts to come right into view.” In November 1967, follow to the Harris poll, confidence in the president’s Vietnam plans rose by 11 point out (from 23 come 34 percent). In his State the the Union address on January 17, Johnson sound downright optimistic, also though he identified that the U.S. Faced significant challenges overseas and that victory in Vietnam would certainly take some time. Together he asked congress to pass a taxation surcharge to aid pay for the escalating prices of the war, while continuing to money the great Society, the president asserted that the opponent was testing the “will” that the country to “meet the trials that these times impose.”

In resolute fashion, Johnson walk on to promise that “America will certainly persevere. Ours patience and also our perseverance will enhance our power. Aggression will never ever prevail.” Max Frankel the The brand-new York time reported, “Whereas a year ago he promised ‘more cost, much more loss and much more agony’ in the war, this year he emphasized the positive, what he called the ‘marks the progress,’ and also dwelt much less on the whole issue of the war than in the previous two speeches.”

Then the situation took a poor turn a few weeks later. The crisis of Tet started in the beforehand morning the January 30, the begin of the year that the Monkey. In Saigon, NLF fighters assaulted the American embassy. A 20-year-old soldier, lining Searcy, recalled waking increase after an night of drinking and movies, that when the sirens went turn off he assumed it was a drill and also they would have the ability to go ago to sleep. “But then a captain came approximately the perimeter in a jeep through a loudspeaker announcing the this was not a practice alert ... It to be the moment when the war ended up being a reality for us, since up to then, Saigon had actually been thought about a very safe area and quite secure and also basically one area that would never ever be attacked.” The fighting continued until 9:15 the following morning. Nineteen adversary soldiers would shed their stays in the battle for the embassy; five Americans were killed. This was simply one of numerous onslaughts that took place as the communists conducted their attack in five significant cities, 36 provincial capitals and smaller hamlets throughout the country.

Desperate to avoid the publicly fallout, ~ above January 31, Johnson notified Westmoreland come hold day-to-day press briefings to “convey come the American public her confidence in our capability to dull these adversary moves, and also to relief the public here that you have the instance under control.” Johnson warned legislators the the anti-war protests in the U.S. To be being motivated by allies of the communists. Secretary that Defense Robert McNamara privately told Johnson, “I think it shows two things, Mr. President. First, the they have much more power than part credit them v ... My guess is that we will inflict really heavy casualty on them, both in terms of personnel and materiel and this will set them back some, yet after they absorb the losses, lock will continue to be a substantial force.”

After the early stage shock and also awe, U.S. Troops an installed a fierce and also effective counter-attack, one of the most successful military operations the the war. Once it was almost everywhere in so late February, the communists endured over 40,000 deaths, consisting of some of your most skilled troops. The fighting finished when the U.S. And South Vietnamese recaptured the city the Hue.

Yet the army victory turned into a political catastrophe for the administration. Johnson tried to prevent the political bleeding indigenous the realization that the Vietnam battle was not ending any type of time soon.

The Tet Offensive verified that Johnson and also Westmoreland were lying around having “reached critical point where the end begins to come right into view,” as Westmoreland famously had actually said.

The media coverage that Tet detailed reporters with unprecedented access to the pictures of the conflict as the battles moved right into the cities, and also they delivered. Among the most famous images indigenous the period was that of a southern Vietnamese brigadier general Nguyen Ngoc Loan, the chef of the national police, putting a cartridge in the head the Nguyen valve Lem, a captain in the Vietcong. The photograph, take away by connected Press photographer Eddie Adams on February 1, shown the brutality that this conflict to numerous Americans. Life magazine’s cover on February 16 featured a picture of two North Vietnamese soldiers with Chinese AK-47 automatically rifles, guarding Hue, with an write-up by Catherine Leroy called, “The foe Lets Me take it His Picture.”

The photos on tv were just as bad. The coverage shifted from smoke and helicopters come soldiers fighting come recapture floor in a brutal war. “There, on shade screens,” one observer noted, “dead body lay amidst the rubble and the rattle of automatic gunfire as dazed American soldiers and also civilians ran earlier and soon trying to flush out the assailants.” Walter Cronkite famously signed off his broadcast challenging the president and joining journalists who had actually increasingly to be saying the the government was not telling the full truth. “Who won and also lost in the an excellent Tet Offensive versus the cities? I’m not sure. The Vietcong walk not victory by a knockout however neither did we ... Because that it appears now much more certain than ever, that the bloody endure in Vietnam is to end in a stalemate. To say that we room closer come victory this particular day is to believe in the face of the evidence, the optimists who have actually been wrong in the past.” abc anchor candid McGee followed up a few days later telling viewers “The war is gift lost” while his colleague Frank Reynolds stated it placed the president’s credibility “under fire.”

Inside the White House, the historian Robert Dallek discovered that Johnson’s advisors to be shaken. Following one conference of international policy advisors, Joseph Califano reported the they to be “beyond pessimistic.” The new secretary the defense, Clark Clifford, recalled the “It is tough to imagine or recreate the setting in the sixty job after Tet. The pressure thrived so extreme that at times i felt the government can come apart at its seams. Management was fraying at its really center—something really rare in a country with so secure a federal government structure.” Clifford claimed that in early on March that made his “overwhelming priority” together Secretary “to extricate our nation from an countless war.”

“The facet of hope has been taken far by the Tet Offensive,” detailed Secretary the State Dean Rusk, “People don’t think over there is most likely to be an end.” Newsweek ran a cover story on February 19, through Westmoreland ~ above the cover, entitled “Man on the Spot.”

By the moment that Tet ended, Johnson was left with a massive credibility gap that overshadowed whatever he had actually done on domestic policy. Through March, as soon as anti-war Democrat senator Eugene McCarthy performed suddenly well in the brand-new Hampshire primary, the polls had actually really turn on the president and the war. An initial spike in public support from Tet in February, with a notable rise in hawkish sentiment around Vietnam, turned hard against the administration in March. 49 percent that Americans believed the war was a mistake; only 41 percent thought it was the ideal decision. Just 35 percent thought that it would end within the next two years. His all at once approval ratings for taking care of the war dropped to a meager 26 percent. Top top the critical day of the month, through his assistance plummeting, Johnson shocked the country by going on television to announce the he would not operation for reelection.

When rumors circulated that Westmoreland had asked because that 206,000 an ext troops in an answer to Tet, Americans were outraged and the evident blindness that the civilization in power. The autonomous Convention in 1968 to be a disaster, as liberal Democrats and the anti-war activity opened increase a civil war. Ironically, the human to gain the most benefits from the war was Richard Nixon, the next president the the united States, who lied and deceived the public around Vietnam in ways that even Johnson can not have imagined.

Besides the damage that Tet imposed on Johnson, the surprised attack and also the revelation that the management had vastly oversold the prospects because that success to be a serious blow to public trust in American government leaders come tell the truth and to perform the appropriate thing.

The right additionally took its very own lessons indigenous Tet and other parts of the increasingly vital wartime coverage, namely the the media might not be trusted. As reporters focused on Tet as evidence of failure, hawkish Democrats and Republicans were rapid to note, correctly so, the the U.S. Counter-offensive had been successful. Johnson feel this method and tried to hammer away on the point that the media was misrepresenting what happened. Because that decades, coverage the Tet would continue to be to conservative a price of why the “liberal establishment” can not be trusted to provide the public a realistic evaluate of national security issues.

For much of the nation, however, the special, of Tet were next to the point. The real story to be the paper definition of the damaging policies in Vietnam that price thousands that American resides every month, undermined the nation’s moral authority in the Cold War, and also didn’t seem to it is in working. Together the chronicler Fred Logevall has actually argued, Tet is no the sole culprit behind the shattered confidence from Vietnam, as opposition come the war and the currently of federal government falsehood had actually been cultivation for several years. Yet Tet still pack an extraordinarily an effective punch top top a country primed to it is in disillusioned. Based on what they to be seeing in the winter that 1968, the communists in phibìc Vietnam remained strong and determined, and also promises that the war was ending were simply not true.

Tet shame the people within which we live today: In one era as soon as Americans still don’t totally trust government officials to tell lock the truth about situations overseas, and don’t have actually confidence that leaders, because that all your bluster, will perform the right thing.

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Tet is crucial reminder that for liberals and also conservatives sometimes a little distrust is a good thing. Specifically at a time once we have a president that traffics heavily in falsehoods, Tet proved that remote confidence in leaders can conveniently lead down dangerous paths.