The fatality of Patroclus is an essential to Achilles’ joining in the Trojan war. Achilles had actually been sulking in his tent, refusing to sign up with the battle. It was not until Patroclus’ death that the rejoined the war and led the Greeks to victory.

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The question of who killed Patroclus is a facility one.

Was the Patroclus’ very own hubris that price him his life?

Achilles’ impulsiveness and sulking the drove him to the ar of battle?

Or does the reprimand fall completely upon Hector, the Trojan prince who spear pierced him?

How does Patroclus Die? 

Patroclus was with Achilles long before the Trojan battle was believed of. Together a youth still life in his father’s house, he fought with one more child and killed him. In worry for his boy well-being, his father sent him come Achilles’s father as a servant and also mentor come the younger boy.

Patroclus, in time, became much more than simply a teacher and also protector the Achilles. Some writers speculate that the two came to be lovers, though Homer never makes their relationship clear. The creating is ambiguous around the really nature the the relationship in between the two, yet one thing is abundantly clearthat it is a an extremely close bond.

The inquiry of who killed Patroclus is more facility than that struck the fatal blow. Patroclus’ fatality is the culmination of a series of occasions perpetrated through the actions of assorted characters.

From Patroclus’ own troubled youth onward, his life and death were marked by impulsiveness.

So how does Patroclus die in the Iliad? The brief answer is Hector placed a spear right into his guts, death him. The truth, however, takes a bit more unpacking. Patroclus’ very own hubris, and also the hubris that his leaders, additionally contributed come the events leading as much as his death.

Who was Patroclus?

Patroclus was an ext than Achilles’ squire and also mentor. the was likewise his cousin. Patroclus was the son of Menoetius, the King the Opus.

Through his grandm Aegina, he to be Achilles’ cousin, when removed. Your relationship’s specific nature is unsure in Homer’s writings, however later writings lean heavily toward the two guys being lovers.

Certainly, Achilles’ an answer to Patroclus’ death would imply that the link was, in ~ least, a solid one. 

When the killed another child in anger over a game, Patroclus’ father, Menoetius, offered him to Peleus, Achilles’ father. It has actually been speculated the the two fathers felt that Patroclus required the steadying obligation of being a mentor to young Achilles.

Achilles’ mother, Thetis, a nymph, had actually dipped Achilles in the river Styx together an infant, making that all yet indestructible. Patroclus was offered charge of a child who had actually the toughness to resist his temper and who forced a for sure leader in his life to respond to his own strong-willed tendencies.

Hector vs. Patroclus: exactly how Did It pertained to This?

Hector to be a Trojan prince, elder brother to Paris, who kidnapping or seduction, depending on Helen’s interpretation, brought about the war between the Trojans and also the Greeks.

As among the princes in line to inherit the throne, Hector was a valiant fighter that went out frequently to lead the military in your battling. His true opponent would it seems to be ~ Agamemnon or Achilles, the Greek fighters’ leaders, yet Achilles, in a pique of temper, had withdrawn from the battlefield and also refused to fight. 

Patroclus goes come Achilles, weeping end the accident the Greeks have actually suffered without his presence. In ~ first, Achilles mocks him for weeping, but Patroclus responds that he weeps for the loss and also honor that his men.

He begs Achilles come be permitted to take it his godly armor and also wear it to command the men, in really hopes of control the Trojans ago at least from the ships. Achilles agrees, though a bit grudgingly, and warns Patroclus only to journey the Trojans away from the ships and also return.

Patroclus, once released to his mission, beat back the Trojans and continued. He struck so fiercely, in fact, that he beat them back to the an extremely walls, and also there, he met his doom.

Achilles and the Godly Temper Tantrum

Though Achilles granted Patroclus permission to take it his godly armor, he didn’t mean the outcome. The armor itself to be a gift native his mother.

Hephaestus, the blacksmith come the gods, crafted it. The armor to be reinforced at the heels v silver to cover his one breakable point.

Homer described it as bronze, significant with stars to respect Achilles’ place as a half-god, near-immortal.

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Despite the prophecy that he would either gain an excellent glory in the war, die young, or live a long and unobtrusive life, Achilles sought glory by fighting. Thetis’ fears because that her boy were not sufficient to safeguard him in the end. 

Patroclus, in the Iliad, involves Achilles and begs to usage his armor to strike are afraid in the mind of the Trojan soldiers and drive them back from the ships. Achilles agrees however insists that his friend don his guise to journey the soldiers far from the ships. The does not wish Patroclus to join in the fighting.

However, Patroclus does no listen to his friend, and also Hector kills Patroclus close to the entrances of the City. Achilles’ reaction to Patroclus’ death to be explosive rage.