This is what the well known R&B singer claimed as he tried come laugh off the beating he take it from his unidentified far-ranging other ~ above a day committed to love and also romance.

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On Valentine’s Day, Jennings — born Chester Jermaine Jennings 40 years earlier — post photos the the bruises and scratches that she allegedly offered him before he deleted them but not before they were screen-captured by MediaTakeout and also TheJasmineBRAND.


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Jennings did no clarify i m sorry girlfriend do the clues on him. The singer has actually been known to game a lot of women during his volatile however celebrated career. MediaTakeout speculates Jennings was hurt by his most recent baby’s mother.



For the record, Jennings has seven youngsters with 6 baby’s mothers.

Pop culture fans who room vaguely acquainted with Jennings’ music will certainly definitely recall him certification in one season the “Love & i know good Hop: Atlanta” as the man that Karlie Redd want to gain with. Once the potential partnership fizzled, for this reason did Jennings’ fledgling television career.

The Toledo, Ohio, indigenous has had a roller-coaster life and also career that has actually seen him in ~ the height of the charts and behind bars. Jennings was sentenced to 10 year in jail after being convicted of arson in northwest Ohio. Even though his lawyer tried to argue the he was only riding in the vehicle as a companion firebombed a drug-dealing rival’s house, he to be nevertheless discovered guilty by association.

After he got back in the streets in 2002, Jennings recorded a four-song demo CD, i m sorry he easily parlayed right into an appearance at the legend Apollo theater in Harlem. The infamous Apollo group drenched Jennings in boos ~ above his entry top top the stage, but he quickly slayed the video game with his fine-tuned falsetto and also it translated into 5 amateur-night win in a row.

Soon, Columbia documents came calling, and also he to reduce his debut album, Lyfe 268-192, in august 2004.

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But v success come trouble. Follow to the suburban Atlanta newspaper the Marietta daily Journal, Jennings had an discussion with pleasure Bounds in 2008, and he adhered to her to she family’s residence in Smyrna, Georgia, an additional Atlanta suburb. While at the house, Jennings destroyed the prior door, fired gunshots in the street, and also then led police ~ above a 90-mph chase that finished when he crashed his 2005 Corvette. Together a an outcome of that episode, Jennings was sentenced to three-and-a-half year in jail in 2010 after the pleaded guilty to the many charges arising from the incident.