Hulu’s ‘Kid 90’ is a documentary that delves deep right into the entertainment industry’s reality, all the while showing the wholly distinctive yet somehow relatable adolescent year of those who grew up within it in the 1990s. V Soleil Moon Frye, who lugged a camera anywhere she went, as the director and producer the this autobiographical film, us see specifically how she and her girlfriend were influenced by the media storm that followed them. An ext importantly, though, paying tribute come those prefer Justin Pierce and Harold Hunter, we likewise get come comprehend how a career in Hollywood periodically does an ext harm 보다 good.

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How walk Justin Pierce Die?

Born on in march 21, 1975, Justin Charles Pierce’s breakout performance together Casper in the 1995 movie ‘Kids’ made the a star overnight. The actor and skateboarder had actually a tumultuous life as a teenager. After ~ his parents separated once he to be 15, he began acting out. Justin dropped the end of high school, relocated away, and also even got arrested for marijuana and also heroin possession. It to be only once he moved ago in v his folks at the period of 19 that points got much better for him. After all, it to be then the Justin was found by controversial photographer Larry Clark if skateboarding in Washington Square Park in new York.


From there, Justin moved to Los Angeles to more his exhilaration career and landed duties in movies like ‘A Brother’s Kiss’ (1997), ‘Freak Weather’ (1998), ‘Too Pure’ (1999), ‘Pigeonholed’ (1999), and also many more. During this period, Justin also married stylist Gina Rizzo in las Vegas, Nevada. And although whatever seemed to be going well for him, the was not the case. After ~ all, on July 10, 2000, while the 25-year-old was in Las Vegas post the relax of his movie ‘Next Friday,’ that hanged self in his Bellagio hotel room. Justin reportedly left two self-destruction notes behind, yet they have never been released to the public.

How go Harold Hunter Die?

Born top top April 2, 1974, Harold Atkins Hunter, prefer Justin Pierce, climbed to fame thanks to his duty in Larry Clark’s 1995 film ‘Kids.’ before that, though, the had already been featured in a 1989 issue of the Thrasher magazine, in a piece that profiled the skateboarding step in brand-new York City. Together a multi-talented skateboarder and also actor, Hunter to be touring through Zoo York in his early on teens. However, his charm and also spirit to be the two points that make people think that he can break every bounds within the two industries.

In the years the followed, Harold showed up in the critically acclaimed TV series ‘Kung Faux,’ an episode of ‘Miami Ink,’ and also in movies like ‘Hand ~ above the Pump’ (1998), ‘Frezno Smooth’ (1999), and ‘Man Under Wire’ (2005). Yet skateboarding was his whole life. Together per reports, due to the fact that Harold never held a job job and also acting roles got harder to come by through each pass day as result of his cultivation age, he always appeared to it is in one bad move far from being damaged or homeless. Yet, that still dabbled in drugs.

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On February 17, 2006, the 31-year-old was found dead in his Lower eastern Side apartment through his brothers Ronald. His cause of fatality – a cocaine-induced heart attack. But the thing is, even though Harold has actually passed, hidden in the Woodlawn Cemetery in The Bronx, he continues to it is in a part of the brand-new York skateboarding industry. After all, the Harold Hunter foundation (HHF) has actually been established under his name to provide support, opportunities, and also advocacy to the youths interested in the sport.