“Not Afraid” is known as being among Eminem’s fight singles that isn’tcentered ~ above him playing the silly or dissing various other celebrities.But withits an individual self-discovery theme, it additionally fits into another one the standardsthe rapper has actually established, as Marshall Mathers is may be the father of theself-revealing laboratory tune.

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This track is premised top top the artist ‘taking a stand’, together inconfronting pressing worries head-on.And foremost amongst the resolutionshe renders is a pledge to continue to be true come his musical profession.Or together therapper self phrases it, he is “married to the game”.And he expressesthis emotion not only in terms of proceeding to make music but additionally songsthat space a genuine reflection of that he is as an individual.And if anyonedoesn’t like it, you already know exactly how Eminem responds to inhibitions ~ above hispersonal liberties.Or another means of looking in ~ it is that despitepersistent opposition, the artist is “not fear to take it a stand”, as in the isnot inclined come shy away from his controversial dispositions.And in thatregard, he renders a pledge come his pan to always keep that real.

Tone Shift

Then the ton of the song shifts in the bridge and also thirdverse.These components of the tune rather resolve Eminem’s well-knownbattles through drug addiction.He dropped not afraid roughly the time he madethe “decision to obtain clean”, together in sober up.And he is making a pledge tocontinue follow me that exact same course. Moreover he is now dedicated to being a betterhuman being in general.And that includes making the fulfillment of his“responsibilities as a father” the primary focus of every one of his efforts.Sowithin the as whole theme the the song, the is implied the Eminem tackling all ofthe pointed out matters head-on is requiring a considerable degree of courage onhis part.But perhaps an ext to the point, his courage is manifest in himbeing able to proclaim such an individual feelings to the hear public.

“Not Afraid” talks directlyto Em’s True pan

And the brings us to one more unique element of this track. “Not Afraid” is very fan-oriented. Or placed differently, Eminem proactively engages his audience. He wants them to empathize through the an individual transformation he is going through. And likewise, in his own method he desires to present them that he too is not much different than they are. But an ext to the design template of this tune he desires to lead them, if friend will. In other words, he desires the listener to siphon off few of his bravado and also “take a stand” in their own right. That is come say he wants them to “exorcise” their own “demons”, as in make their very own commitments to stay strong, tackle their addictions and strive come be far better in general. 

And just as Eminem offer the duty of helping them address their frustrations, he also derives strength from your support. For the is in the name of his true fans the he’s keeping it real. And the rapper even admits the his supporters aided him conquer his addiction, even though they no realize it.


So on one hand “Not Afraid” is certainly a rallying cry, withEminem top the charge towards individual being bold in was standing up for whatthey think in, both in public and also private.Moreover, there is a clearundertone that the success rate of such endeavors being enhanced through mutualsupport.

In all, this song finds Eminem stand up because that his beliefs. In law so, he renders positive transforms in his life and also implores his listeners/fans to perform the same.


Writing Credits for“Not Afraid”

Eminem composed “Not Afraid” with assistance from the followingsongwriters:

Matthew BurnettJordan EvansLuis Resto (who is Em’s regularcollaborator)Boi-1da (who is likewise credited withproducing “Not Afraid”)

One of Eminem’sGreatest Songs

Despite being released a small bit later on in his career, “NotAfraid” verified to be among Eminem’s biggest hits.For instance, itaccomplished the rare feat that debuting at the top of the coveted Billboard Hot100.

The track likewise scored a number 1 in Canada and a number 2 ~ above theUK Singles Chart. Furthermore, it damaged the peak 10 in 15 various other countries.

Moreover, “Not Afraid” has actually been certified quintuple-Platinum inCanada and Diamond (selling over 10 million copies) in Eminem’s native UnitedStates.

This track likewise won a Grammy (Best lab Solo Performance)as well together a few other honors, such as a BMI urban Award and also two Detroit MusicAwards.

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 In enhancement to every the over accomplishments, the music video, which to be directed by rich Lee, won a couple of MTV video Music Awards.

Song’s MotivationalBridge

Eminem practically didn’t add the song’s an effective and inspirational bridge to it. He included it at the behest of his manager, Paul Rosenberg. Listed below are the text of that powerful bridge. That is widely considered as one of the most profound and touching parts of the song.


Eminem celebratesSobriety through “Not Afraid”

In 2019, Eminem quoted the title of this tune while celebrating the truth that he had been sober for 11 years.