When someone claims you are beautiful, cute or pretty, be gracious, accept and give credit to them. Graciously agree compliments creates more opportunities to be complimented. If it’s coming from

Everyone battles to understand and also respond come compliments but ‘you room pretty’ or ‘you are cute’ or ‘you are beautiful’ are several of the hardest compliments to reaction to. I have noticed that ‘you are beautiful’ said by a man is various from when said through a woman. Exactly how do you recognize this compliment without being sarcastic or sound proud? You room Cute, pretty or Beautiful carries different interpretations depending on who states it, your connections with them, and also the situation at hand.

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When someone says you room beautiful, cute or pretty, it is in gracious, accept and also give credit transaction to them. Graciously accepting compliments creates an ext opportunities to it is in complimented. If it’s coming from a stranger, you are much safer with a straightforward ‘thank you’. If it’s coming from a friend, a family members member, or a colleague, find a suitable an answer for the moment. You might say ‘you too’ or ‘thank you because that the compliment’. If nothing concerns mind in ~ an instance, laugh back. That’s still a response.


I asked a ‘boyfriend’ of mine to assist me know what men normally mean when they call a girl beautiful, cute, or pretty. Ns was surprised at the responses ns got.

I learned that cute addresses both inner and also outer beauty. It touches on personality. If a male says you room cute, they average you space charming. If it’s who you room not acquainted with, just say thanks. Yet if this is who you know, it might be they are attracted to. A fit an answer would be ‘I’m glad you think that way’ or ‘I’m glad you think i am’.

Now let’s assume the same male in another instance says he think you room beautiful. My girlfriend says, acquire ready because that a proposal. Unless a man is a player, he will certainly tell speak ‘you room beautiful’ describe a deeper connection. Suppose an invite for dinner or any other exclusive with them. The means, they prefer you and also they would prefer to know you more.

If you have actually an idea of just how they feel and you have actually mutual feelings, smile and say thank you or usage a rather cheeky method of answering for instance, ‘it runs in the family’.

I learned miscellaneous else, pretty and also beautiful room used interchangeably however they execute not share the very same intensity. Pretty is more inclined towards your looks so the a compliment based on what you are wearing, a brand-new hairdo, walking style, and so on. If someone states you are pretty, and also you don’t desire to use the old and also safe ‘thanks’, speak ‘thank you because that noticing’ or ‘thanks for the compliment’.

What if the compliment is coming from someone else or a stranger? What carry out I say? here are part safe responses I have actually gathered because that you to usage on such compliments when they originate from different people.


How to respond come you room cute, pretty or beautiful…

Thank you

This is a ‘safe mode’ response. It’s what you to speak to your boss, anew man in the office, or a complete stranger. You say this to who if you cannotread the engine behind the compliment. Periodically you might be tempted to ask whythe person thinks so. Refrain and go about your business. If girlfriend ask, you will certainly soundlike you space disqualifying the compliment.

I know

Don’t friend dare use this one on her man, it’s plain and also rude. Thisresponse fits her annoying ex, the brand-new player in the office, and the nosyneighbor. Don’t simply say the plainly; do it cheeky, that sounds better that way.

So space you

In much easier terms ‘you too’, you are returning the favor. I usethis on mine daughter a lot and also I favor that it provides her feeling special too in thecourse that appreciating me. Freckles it increase a little bit by complimenting the person back.For instance, if you are told ‘you are beautiful’ respond through saying, “you too,that dress compliments you.”


You just bumped right into a model in a lift, and also the very first thing shesays is you are beautiful. I will not ~ you it is in flattered? the perfectly okay toask, “Really? “You can additionally ask, “You think so?”, or “you mean?” this responsesdo not denote you doubt it, they median you room amazed they might notice. Theynormally cause a conversation; usage that chance to display appreciation.

…and wonderful

We use this as a teaser in church. There’s a bible in thebible that mentions the God created world beautiful and wonderful. It’s agood solution to a other Christian. Ns doubt a person who doesn’t recognize biblescriptures would obtain the gist the it.

Not more than friend are

I usage this on mine girlfriends every the time. It’s an alternate wayof informing someone ‘you too’.

As always

This an answer has the same impact as ‘I’m flattered’. You have not got the compliment toheart. You nothing even think it’s genuine yet you don’t care. This is the kindof response you offer someone you have actually no emotional connection. You are in otherwords saying ‘whatever you say’.


Final note

It’s not constantly easy to compliment so once you obtain one, take off your pride or fear, be easy and also acknowledge, accept, and also respond wholeheartedly. Try not come fight it, if not for her sake, at least honor the human doing it.

always take keep in mind of the tone and also their face expression. This will aid you to review the engine behind the compliment. . If you space shy and also not offered to receiving compliments, friend most most likely will try to take the compliment and also water it down. Don’t execute that, discover to take it compliments positively.

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PS: mine hubby said me ns beautiful once I was in labor, ns heard itamidst the pain. 5 years later, ns remember that more than the millions oftimes he has actually said the after but I have never recognized a suitable solution for that,especially at together a moment.