Hematology is the clinical specialty that researches blood (blood cells and other components), its obstacle or mutations and the organs the are part of that is production, such as the bone marrow, the spleen, or the nodes, amongst others.

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Hematology is commonly associated, incorrectly, through clinical analyses. The specialist in clinical analysis works in a activities assessing blood cells, proteins, sugars, enzymes, and whatever element or substance that circulates in ~ the bloodstream involved in organ function.

The hematologist is a doctor with double training, both clinical and laboratory, who work might be lugged out personal or in teamwork with other specialties.

Which conditions does a hematologist treat?

The most frequently treated conditions are:

Genetic hemophilia: causes challenge for the blood to adequately coagulate.

Thrombophilia: a hereditary disease that reasons thrombosis.

Anemia: a usual disorder the is produced when there room low levels of red blood cell or as soon as the red blood cells perform not have sufficient hemoglobin (a protein that transports oxygen in the blood). In this case, the cells do not have actually adequate nutrition, which means that anemia reasons feelings of fatigue and heaviness.

Neutropenia: reduction in the number of neutrophils (a kind of white blood cell) in the blood. It may bring around an autologous blood transfusion.

Hematological cancers:

Leukemia: influence the cell in the bone marrow and the blood– Lymphoma: is originated in the lymphatic system– Myeloma: cancer in plasma cell (a form of white blood cell).– Myelodysplastic Syndrome: mutations may occur when the cell the produce blood in the bone marrow come to be abnormal.

Hematology identifies such imbalances. One the the most essential laboratory test is the complete blood count, a blood analysis with a counting and analysis of the different varieties of cells that consist of the blood. A hemogram may add to the diagnosis that these obstacle in order come facilitate the prescription of the suitable treatment.

Hematology bring away on numerous different tasks in the clinical field:

Management and biological diagnosis in the activities of basic or specific hematological assessments (blood analyses).

Biological and clinical diagnosis of disorders that reason hemorrhaging or thrombosis.

Medical fist to patients with hematological conditions in every phase the the process.

Carrying out bone marrow transplants.

The regulate of blood banks, the production of commodities that are acquired from the blood, and also the safety of transfusions, from the repertoire of blood to the really transfusion.

Research and advancement of new procedures in order to control hematological diseases.

What is haemotherapy?

Haemotherapy is a therapeutic technique that offers the blood or another of its contents in order come treat varied health problems.

The blood derived may be used in the same human being it comes from, and another receptor.

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The miscellaneous processes in haemotheraphy are regulated by a team the professionals, which has a hematological technician and a medical hematologist. This team functions in the unit known as the blood bank.

Hematology in ~ HC Marbella

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September 4, 2018


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