Have you ever wondered why erotic is referred to as a "Blue Film" in India? This is something the you would certainly not hear in any type of other part of the world.

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Though many of us have actually seen erotic at some allude of time or the other, there space a few who are still scared to clock a erotic alone, together they feel quite skeptical around it.

The native "Porn or blue films" are sufficient to make civilization raise your eyebrows or to do a human feel guilty the what they just told, together it is considered as a taboo, at least in this part of the continent!

Since, erotic is a taboo, most human being would only wonder about why a porn movie is called "blue film", yet somehow may not have had the guts to ask anyone.

So, for every those bad souls out there, we"re below for the rescue!! We"ll let friend know around reasons why erotic movies are frequently referred to together blue films, inspect it out.

Reason #1

In earlier days, video clip stores packaged the VSR cassettes that were based on the form of movie they offered out. For porn and adult movies, lock would use a blue paper bag while a white polythene bag would certainly be handed over for common movies.

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Reason #2

When a porn movie or a XXX-rated movie was being played at theatres, their posters would be introduced in a blue background. This was usually done come subtly tempt the fist of the viewers.


Reason #3

Before the porn market bloomed, the movies supplied to be shot in ~ a short budget. The director resorted come cheap means of converting his black and white reel into a coloured one. This left a blue tint on the movie print. That is assumed the this is why erotic movies were named as blue movies!

Reason #4

Porn was presented often as late night reflects in few of the worst, dirty movie halls. Audiences of all eras viewed these cheap films and also even coined the name "blue movie" to refer to cheap films!


Reason #5

It is most likely a spin-off indigenous the "blue laws" that existed in countless states, until around 50 or 60 year ago. According to the "blue laws," most businesses were not permitted to operate on a Sunday. Hence, blue movies to be not shown on a Sunday. And also that"s why the term!!


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