Thomas Dorsey (1899-1993) to be born the kid of a black color minister in Georgia, in a small town external Atlanta. His mother, a music teacher, taught him to play the piano as a child. Together he grew into his teens, that was attracted into the human being of jazz music. At period 17, he relocated to Gary, IN, pursuing a nightclub career. 2 years later, “Georgia Tom”, as he was recognized in his music world, can be discovered performing in the facilities on the southside of bordering Chicago.

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Thomas to be torn between blues music and his Christian training. The anxiety was so intense he endured a nervous break down and was recuperating for 2 years. Throughout that time, that had end up being a member of the Pilgrim Baptist Church in Chicago, and began come play a major role in directing the music that the church. He would certainly write hundreds of songs, consisting of this one.

Thomas would become the best known African-American composer of gospel music in America. His hymns came to be often-sung in churches in both the North and also the South.

Thomas wrote this hymn in 1937. It was shortly before Hitler sent his war chariots into western Europe. Thomas was on a train going through southern Indiana ~ above the means to Cincinnati… when he passed v a sink on the train. Horses, cows, and also sheep were all grazing with each other in that tiny valley. A tiny brook was running with it… whatever seemed so peaceful. It caused him come wonder what was wrong v mankind.

As that traveled, he created down the words come this hymn. The track he would set it to appears to be a mix the gospel, blues, and country. Country singers choose it up and – by the 1960s – that would come to be one the 10 best-known nation gospel songs of every time!

President lindon B. Johnson, before his death, asked for that this hymn it is in sung at his funeral; Anita Bryant was preferred to fulfill that request.

The Song

check out this hymn, and also – today – pray for tranquility in our world, our nation, our communities, and also our homes.

I am tired and I’m weary, however I should toil on

till the Lord come to call me away;where the morning is bright and also the Lamb is the light

and the night is fair together the day.


There will be peace in the valley for me part day.There will be peace in the valley for me.I pray no an ext sorrow and also sadness or trouble will certainly be;there will be peace in the valley for me.

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There the flow’rs will be blooming, the grass will certainly be green,and the skies will be clear and serene;the sun ever shines, providing one unlimited beamand the clouds over there will ever before be seen. (Chorus)

There the bear will be gentle, the wolf will be tame,and the lion will certainly lay down by the lamb.The hold from the wild will certainly be led by a Child;I’ll be changed from the biology I am. (Chorus)

No headaches or heartaches or misunderstands;no man or problem won’t be;no frowns come defile, simply a big endless smile;there’ll be peace and also contentment for me. (Chorus)

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