Forget the stars of the movie, the princess and also the ogre, Fiona and also Shrek. Many cameras were concentrated on another pair at the people premiere the �Shrek the Third�: the movie actress and also the popular music star, Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.

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Forget the stars the the movie, the princess and also the ogre, Fiona and Shrek. Many cameras were concentrated on another couple at the people premiere the �Shrek the Third�: the movie actress and the popular music star, Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. The longtime pair split late critical year, and though there has been a report that at least one quick Hollywood encounter, the Sunday-morning �Shrek� screening significant the an initial major media occasion at which they�ve been photographed together because the breakup. Diaz, that voices Fiona, arrived first, making her means down the green carpet in a bright-salmon Chanel dress, continuing to be close to costar Mike Myers. Timberlake, who plays would-be king Arthur, go the press gauntlet just steps behind Diaz, though the two didn�t show up to do eye contact during interviews. But, later, in ~ the actors photo, they were much more than cordial, greeting each various other with large smiles and also sharing a hug and also kiss. Though the film is one of the summer�s most anticipated, the �Shrek� players were thrown a most questions Sunday around a couple of other warm entertainment topics. Many reporters attempted, and also failed, to obtain reactions come Friday�s sentencing the celebutante Paris Hilton to 45 work in jail because that violating she probation on one alcohol-related reckless-driving charge. �I think it�s sad,� CNN interviewer Larry King called AP Television. �But there�s no excuse for drunk driving. None. Friend can�t provide me one good reason come drunk drive. Inexcusable,� King continued. �Saturday Night Live� alum Cheri Oteri, the voice of sleeping Beauty in �Shrek,� managed to tie several of the film�s fairy story themes to Hilton and also her troubles. �You deserve to be a princess in the positive sense the the word,� she said. �Just don�t save going out to clubs every night. Stay home once in a while. Find out to cook. Review some books. Take it a class.� The other buzz infiltrating the �Shrek� gala affiliated the summer�s new blockbuster that blockbusters, �Spider-Man 3,� which raked in a document $148 million at the domestic box office this weekend, pass its worldwide gross to an astounding $375 million. V �Shrek the Third��s may 18 relax sandwiched between �Spider-Man 3� and the might 25 come of �Pirates that the Caribbean: at World�s End,� some observers wonder how many mega movies the marketplace can support at one time. �I think the question is an ext to the various other films,� said �Shrek� producer Aron Warner. �We�ve to be here. This is our third time in ~ the very same date,� that continued. �I think the success the �Spider-Man� only bodes well for us. Because that me, it means people are dying to go to the movies. And also the an ext the better.� The �Shrek� headliners turned out in full pressure for the Sunday premiere. In addition to Diaz, Timberlake and Myers, the star attendees had Julie Andrews, Antonio Banderas, Rupert Everett, as well as Eddie Murphy, that talked around what set �the Third� apart from the first two. �I think they�ve integrated all the characters more,� Murphy said. �The story isn�t so much Shrek and also Donkey and also Fiona. It�s everybody, everybody�s gained funny stuff to do. Yet what�s remained regular is the sweetness: a sweet tiny message in the back, and also what�s in the former is very, an extremely funny and also inventive.� The brand-new film find Shrek and also Fiona living happily ever before after in the floor of far Far Away. But then the king dies and also Shrek is asked to take it the throne. The problem is, that doesn�t desire the gig, and also evil Prince Charming does. Mayhem ensues, consisting of an accidental body-switching because that Murphy�s �Donkey� and also Banderas� �Puss in Boots.� �I can say that ns did my very own stunts in this movie,� joked Banderas, who attended the premiere v actress-wife Melanie Griffith. �Let me simply say that was very dramatic gift in his body for 15 minutes. I endured it, though.� With thousands of attendees, huge stars everywhere, cameras whirring and also reporters posing questions endlessly at the gala opening, what might Shrek self think that the entirety affair? �He would say, �This is Shrek-tastic,�� replied Myers, who voices him. �Be happy the the wait is ogre.�

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