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"Written in the Sand" is a track by American country music group Old Dominion. It to be released in September 2017 together the 2nd single native their 2nd major-label album Happy Endings. Group members Matthew Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, and also Brad Tursi composed the tune with Shane McAnally, who additionally produced it. The monitor is about a partnership being questioned about its future. "Written in the Sand" provided the group their 4th number one fight on the Billboard nation Airplay chart and reached number 3 ~ above the Hot country Songs chart. It likewise peaked exterior the height 50 on the warm 100 chart. The tune was certified platinum through the Recording sector Association that America (RIAA), and has marketed 246,000 duplicates in the United claims as the April 2018. It achieved comparable chart success in Canada, garnering the group their 2nd number one hit on the Canada country chart and also peaking at number 83 ~ above the Canadian warm 100. The song obtained a yellow certification native Music Canada, denoting sales of over 40,000 copies in the country.more »

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Turn me on, revolve me offThen you rotate me back on by the weekendAnd you won"t speak the words that ns want yet you flirt once you"re drinkin"I view those bubbles pop up like you"re text massage then they disappearLet"s reduced through the shit climate Let"s acquire to what we"re doing hereAre we simply a backseatTryna get it while us can?Are we names in a tattooOr simply a number on a hand?Are we last-call kissing Or will we it is in reminiscing with each various other For the next forty years?Are we created in the stars, baby?Or are we written in the sand?Yeah, I want you to want me To take it you ago home to mine mamaPut my surname on her lipsCall me yours and forget all this drama (forget that all)Your makeup is next to my toothbrush yet you never put it away on the shelfI"m asking you infant "Cause I"m tired of questioning myself (I"m exhausted of questioning myself)Are we simply a backseatTryna obtain it while us can?Are us names in a tattooOr just a number ~ above a hand?Are us last-call kissingAre us dancing in the kitchenBaby phone call me what it is or what it isn"t?Are we composed in the stars, baby?Or room we composed in the sand?Are we just a backseatTryna acquire it while we can?Are we names in a tattooOr simply a number I must wash ideal off mine hand? (Wash right off my)Are us last-call kissing Or will we be reminiscing through each other For the next forty years?Are we written in the stars, baby?Or room we created in the sand?Are we written in the stars, baby?Or space we written in the sand?

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Written by: Brad Francis Tursi, Matthew cutting board Ramsey, Shane l McAnally, Trevor Joseph Rosen