Thirty year ago, a Scottish band– reasonably unknown in the U.S.–made a inquiry to the world. And thirty years later, the people is quiet honoring it.

“Don’t girlfriend (Forget around Me)”– it is all an easy Minds inquiry of united state in February 1985, when their signature song from the movie The Breakfast Club very first debuted. And also so far, us haven’t forgotten: the song and also the film have actually been permanently etched into our pop-culture consciousness. And so, in respect of the song’s thirtieth anniversary, right here are thirty facts about the creation and also legacy that “Don’t girlfriend (Forget around Me)”…

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30 facts You could Not Know

“Don’t friend (Forget around Me),” the just number one song in the U.S. For basic Minds, was composed by Keith Forsey and Steve Schiff.Forsey, the music composer for The Breakfast Club, was no stranger to film soundtracks: in 1984, he winner an Oscar because that co-writing “Flashdance… What a Feeling.” that is likewise the writer (with Harold Faltermeyer) because that Glenn Frey’s “The heat Is On,” indigenous Beverly HIlls Cop.To acquire a feeling for what sort of music the movie required, Forsey read The Breakfast Club script and also watched the gibbs on the set. According to numerous accounts, the was specifically inspired by the scene where Brian, Anthony Michael Hall’s character, asks the rather if they’ll still it is in friends after ~ their remain in detention is over. (Sample dialogue: “I was just wondering, um, what is gonna occur to united state on Monday? when we’re all together again? I median I think about you males my friends, I’m not wrong, to be I?” Sample lyric indigenous the song: “Will you identify me? call my name or to walk on by?”)According to Susannah Gora, author of the publication You Couldn’t ignore Me If friend Tried, the song was originally called “Won’t friend (Forget around Me),” yet Forsey readjusted it to the much more optimistic “Don’t You.”By the time filming wrapped, Forsey and Schiff quiet hadn’t found anyone to document “Don’t You.” (The duo did record a demo– i m sorry director john Hughes favored so much he used it because that the opening scenes, when the students an initial arrive because that detention.)In her book, Gora reports that Forsey wanted Bryan Ferry, that Roxy Music, to song the song; unfortunately, Ferry’s father died right prior to a booked meeting in between Ferry and also the Breakfast Club The meeting never took place, and also the Ferry plans easily fizzled.Armed through the demo and clips from the film, co-producer Michelle Manning and also music at sight David Anderle spent numerous weeks shopping the song approximately London– to no avail. No one was interested.Singers that passed on the song encompass Annie Lennox and also Cy Curnin the The Fixx. Legend has constantly put Billy Idol on the list together well, due to the fact that Forsey had developed Idol’s Rebel Yell album and co-wrote the title track. Yet in a February 2015 SPIN Magazine article, Forsey insurance claims he never offered it come Idol.Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders was interested in the song, however she at some point had to say no; the song would have required a video, i beg your pardon Chrissie didn’t want to do, because she was pregnant in ~ the time. However, she did offer up the solutions of her husband Jim Kerr– the lead singer of an easy Minds.Simple mental had formed in 1977 and had videotaped several albums by 1984 (including New yellow Dream and also Sparkle in the Rain); however, they had actually not enjoyed any kind of success in the joined States.Fun Bowie reality #1: The band took the name an easy Minds from a 1972 David Bowie song, “The Jean Genie.” (Line: “He’s so simple-minded, the can’t journey his very own module.”) fun Bowie reality #2: In 1980, Bowie and also Jim Kerr sang backing vocals because that the Iggy Pop tune “Play it Safe.” fun Bowie reality #3: The Breakfast Club opens up with a David Bowie lyric, from the tune “Changes”: “And the children that friend spit on/ together they shot to change their worlds/ are immune to your consultations./ They room quite conscious of what they’re going through…”Songwriters Forsey and also Schiff were an extremely keen ~ above having simple Minds perform “Don’t You.” (Schiff said SPIN he to be a “huge fan” of basic Minds in the early on 80s.) Unfortunately, Jim Kerr was not so to crawl on the idea, for numerous reasons: the didn’t desire to carry out anything the band didn’t write; the track was too lot of a deviation from their style; and also he just plain ol’ didn’t choose the song. (In fact, Kerr said SPIN that Forsey and also Schiff’s demo “blew no one of us away, to placed it mildly.”)Ultimately, the other straightforward Minds members convinced Kerr to carry out the song, believing that would aid them break right into the American market. The band subsequently met v Forsey in a Wembley studio and recorded the song in three hours.Kerr to be able to conquer his “Simple-Minds-doesn’t-record-other-people’s-stuff” view by adding two signature ingredient to the song: the hey-hey-hey-heys; and also the la-la-las at the finish (which were improvised ~ above the spot).The movie The Breakfast Club to be released in February 1985, and the tune “Don’t friend (Forget about Me)” reached the optimal of the U.S. Billboard charts on may 18, 1985, supplanting Madonna’s “Crazy for You.” “Don’t You” remained #1 for one week before it was overtaken through Wham!’s “Everything She Wants.”The song’s success make Minds a world-wide sensation, and also the band began playing for large crowds, consisting of the 100,000 that jam-packed Philadelphia’s john F. Kennedy stadium for Live help in July 1985. Straightforward Minds performed three songs at Live Aid: “Ghostdancing,” “Don’t friend (Forget around Me)” and also “Promised friend a Miracle.”Still, the tape has had a facility relationship with its most renowned song. Forsey told SPIN he felt simple Minds were originally a “bit embarrassed” through the song’s success. And also according to writer Susannah Gora, singer Jim Kerr when told a Rolling stone reporter the he “wanted come vomit” every time he play it.Simple minds left “Don’t You” turn off their following album, when Upon a Time, released in October 1985. The album consisted of the song “Sanctify Yourself,” “All the points She Said,” and also “Alive and also Kicking” (which saw #3 ~ above the U.S. Billboard charts).Simple Minds and also Anthony Michael Hall had actually a reunion of species in November 1985, when an easy Minds played Saturday Night Live for the first (and only) time; it was the season premiere that SNL, and also it was additionally the first episode the featured Hall as a actors member. In spite of this Breakfast Club connection, straightforward Minds did not play “Don’t You” that night. (Fun Fact: in ~ seventeen year old, Hall– who only lasted one season–was the youngest cast member in the background of SNL.)Chrissie Hynde and Jim Kerr divorce in 1990. They have actually one daughter, Yasmin Paris Kerr, who was born just one month after The Breakfast Club to be released.“Don’t You” has delighted in quite the legacy. For example, producer Jim Vallance (on his website) recognized that the title of Glass Tiger’s “Don’t Forget Me when I’m Gone” (released in 1986) to be “not-too-subtly lifted” native the simple Minds hit.As an aside, the team Breakfast Club– most famous for the 1987 track “Right top top Track”– to be NOT named after the man Hughes film. In fact, the band was created in the so late 1970s and thus predated the movie by several years.According to, “Don’t You” has actually been featured in the films American Pie, Along came Polly, Easy A, and Not one more Teen Movie; and on the TV mirrors Scrubs, Futurama, and 30 Rock. In 2011, actors James Roday and Dule Hill tape-recorded a parody music video clip of the song to promote the season premier of the display Psych.Moreover, the track that no one want to record earlier in 1984 now has actually been covered over and also over again. Because that example, Billy Idol– who apparently did not decline the song earlier in the 80s, also though everyone says he did– ended up record a variation of “Don’t You” in 2001….In 2011, David chef recorded a variation to be the “So-Long!-Farewell!” song for American Idol cast-offs….In 2012, the song was spanned on an episode of the Nickelodeon present Victorious; the episode, called “The Breakfast Bunch,” to be a parody that the film. Additionally in 2012, the movie Pitch Perfect featured a sheathe of the song. …In 2013, Molly Ringwald– Claire Standish herself!– recorded a jazz version of the track for her debut studio album, Except Sometimes…And in 2014, Blaine, Sam, and Tina covered “Don’t You” ~ above a Season five episode of Glee.In 2009, a Canadian documentary team released a film around John Hughes licensed has been granted Don’t friend Forget about Me. That very same year, on august 8, john Hughes died.In 2014, an easy Minds released their 16th album, Big Music.

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This month, the band is embarking on a tourism of Europe. Let’s hope they nothing forget to song “Don’t girlfriend (Forget around Me)!”


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