When you interview rockers on the roadway you always try to uncover out wherein they’re located, therefore you can write “When so-and-so calls indigenous wherever” and also establish a setting for the conversation. However when I contact blues-rocker George Thorogood–who theatre the hard Rock Casino Vancouver this Friday and Saturday (May 2 and 3)–he’s not ready to sneeze up the info.

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“We swore under oath through the government not to disclose the whereabouts of our location,” joke the 64-year-old boogieman, so fine never know whether he remained in Tallahassee or Kalamazoo.

And once I casually ask exactly how he’s doing, Thorogood evades the query together well, instead replying v the title of his best-known song: “Bad come the Bone”.

Considering Thorogood’s name is synonymous with “Bad come the Bone”, it come as quite a surprise that—at first, anyway—he didn’t also want that track for himself.

“I thought it would certainly be a good song because that Muddy Waters,” that explains. “I tried come hustle that track to Muddy Waters’s camp, with absolutely no success, and also actually his people were an extremely offended with me because that bringing the track to him. They were like, ‘A white guy bringin’ a blues song? Hell no, that’s no gonna work.’ i thought, ‘That’s bullshit! If Eric Clapton or Keith Richards did the they’d carry out it in a minute.’

“And climate I visited Bo Diddley through it and also he loved it! He wanted to play it, yet he didn’t have actually a document deal at the time. So i said, ‘Well, okay, we’ll perform it.’ ”

Released in 1982 together the title monitor of Thorogood’s fifth album, “Bad come the Bone” has proven rather the windfall because that its creator, having showed up in many films, TV shows, and also commercials. You may recall that from the opened scene of the ’83 fear flick Christine, where its don’t-mess-with-me vibe was used to drive home the natural evil the Stephen king titular 1957 Plymouth Fury.

Five years before he hit it huge with “Bad”, though, Thorogood established an additional signature tune with the sheathe on his self-titled debut album of man Lee Hooker’s “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”. Both tunes appear on his latest releases, the greatest-hits CD Icon and the concert video Live in ~ Montreux 2013.

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“I had an album by man Lee Hooker referred to as Live at the cafe au Go-Go,” recalls Thorogood, “and then i went to check out him in ~ the cafe au Go-Go. The did ‘One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer’ in both sets, and I i found it that people were dancing—and the civilization that to be dancing were every women! So i said, ‘Wow, this has obtained a hook!’

“I kinda retained that song at the back of mine mind, and also then around three years later when I opened for Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Brownie McGhee did it, and he walk a brilliant version of it. The was playing it on acoustic guitar, with simply a harmonica player, and also everybody was on the run floor.

The track was so solid I started playing that immediately. I knew if anything was gonna break, that’s the tune.”