Sandy Chau, co-founder that Acorn Campus Ventures and also an energetic real heritage investor, engages in investment undertakings transparent the united States and Greater China. His success in startup investment and also business operation have the right to be attributed to what he skilled as that was cultivation up. Born in Shanghai, Chau received major and an additional education in Hong Kong and also Vietnam together he travelled ago and forth in between the 2 places. In Vietnam, he observed social unrest including the Vietnam War, politics coup and student strikes, when in Hong Kong he experienced the society stratification and inequality between Chinese citizens and also the British ruling class. That learned just how to easily adapt to new environments and figured out how to survive and also thrive. Such qualities helped him with success.

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Eight gold lessons indigenous Chau come entrepreneurs

In the 20 come 30 years of time native his childhood come adulthood once Chau very first began his business, he frequently had to deliver schools and also move to brand-new cities. That transferred schools six times and lived in seven different places, remaining an median of four years in each of them. Having to constantly adapt to new environments, Chau has actually learned that previous experiences might not always apply to brand-new situations and also he must be able to look at things from new perspectives. This functions for venture capital investments as well. Drawing from his years of manual experience and realization, he supplies some proposal to human being who look at to start a business.

Success is the mom of failure

An ancient Chinese proverb says, "Failure is the mom of success." having actually experienced little failures helps human being cope with major defeat. However, to business starters, success is the mom of failure, Chau believes. When world who have had everything going their way face a brand-new situation and also have trouble carrying on with their success, it"s since they are minimal by their old success models. Chau thinks it is like discovering to beat ping pong - breaking old actions is more an overwhelming than starting anew. In other words, the biggest an obstacle in high-tech undertaking is no whether one is maybe to analyze the issue however whether one have the right to think external the box and learn to look at things from new perspectives.

Be open-minded and also keep learning

People in the high-tech service have come keep learning and always stay on top of the trend, particularly as organization models are constantly evolving. If girlfriend think you are successful and also become full of yourself, friend will most likely stop learning and also fall out of reach. A young entrepreneur that Chau as soon as counseled became CEO at the age of 30. ~ receiving investments from large venture funding funds and private equity funds, the entrepreneur followed their advice to acquire other firms. Then, he grew arrogant and also thought the knew everything. Eventually, he quit learning and his business likewise stopped relocating forward.

It"s much more important to remain flexible 보다 to stick v the initial startup plan

A business arrangement is only an excellent on the day it is written since afterwards, the industry is an altering every day. Together such, the is command to remain flexible 보다 to stick through the original company plan.

Leverage an innovation to control your business

A high-tech service needs proficient R&D professionals however the efficiency and quality the the monitoring team is also critical to a company"s success, particularly their ability to usage high-tech breakthroughs to manage business operations.

Reach deep into the market

Look deep into market determinants in the planning phase of your business. Without very first knowing whereby your sector is, also if you have actually the best an innovation in the world, you have no one to market it to.

Engage in teamwork

No one have the right to do it all alone. Friend need professionals of multiple techniques to construct a dream team. A company founder must be open-minded and search because that talent the can enhance the team. The founder is typically a an innovative person that can come increase with new ideas however corporate administration requires world with control and managerial capabilities. As such, the founder should have the ability to recruit talented experts and readjust or improve the original business plan.

Finish what you start and also see what friend are capable of achieving

It normally takes 12 years from the moment a high-tech startup develops a product prototype to the time it walk public. Countless people shot to offer their service providers in the fifth year just to make their investor happy. The decision is made just for invest returns. Their startups have actually no opportunity to build into complete maturity and also they have actually no chance to unleash their an individual potential. Therefore, together a startup grow from one phase to the next, the founder has to think carefully how to proceed. With investments pouring in, there will certainly be push on how the agency should operate, which might be for the benefits of invest returns, fairly than for the great of the firm.

Step the end of your comfort zone and take ~ above a challenge

You will have actually a shot in ~ success if you space bold enough to it is in different and also travel a brand-new path. Have the courage to shot and innovate. Action out of her comfort region so the you don"t limit yourself. As soon as an entrepreneur initially working in ~ IBM"s German subsidiary began his own business, his arrangement B to be to journey a taxi for a life in instance he failed. As it"s crucial to have actually some stability in life, v a contingency plan in place, he was able to gain his wife"s support and also went ahead through his venture.

Chau pertained to Taiwan to invest in real estate in 1986-1987, so he is no stranger come Taiwan. Chau stated a group of daring young world created Taiwan"s high-tech organization in the 80s however most young civilization today remain in their comfort zone. They room not willing to undertaking out come explore avenues or examine abroad. They might dream huge but carry out not follow up v actions. Castle talk favor a wolf however act choose a sheep. The asks those who v the drive to start a service not to it is in deterred through failures. If you stumble and also fall yet you acquire up and stand tall, you"ll earn an ext respect.

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"Many civilization are afraid of do a mistake so they hesitate to do a decision. That is a bigger mistake," stated Chau.

(Editor"s note: This is part of a collection of interviews focusing on the problems and also opportunities that Taiwan-based startups face. The interviewees are endeavor capitalists and angel investor from Silicon Valley and Taiwan.)


Sandy Chau, co-founder that Acorn Campus VenturesPhoto: Joseph Tsai,, might 2018